Fall Courses

Classes start August 24th… now is the perfect time to register for classes and begin pursuit of an associate or bachelor’s degree.

A person with an associate degree in the Southern Alleghenies region earns, on average, 33% more than someone with only a high school diploma (EMSI Impact Study, 2018). Get started today and find the education and career, that is right for you.

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Today is the perfect time to discover you. Have questions about admission, sending official transcripts, prerequisites or transfer options? We have the answers. Contact Admissions at admissions@pennhighlands.edu or 814.262.6446.

Fall Class Formats

  • Split Section Instruction (1/2 Face-to-Face and 1/2 ZOOM instruction)
    Split section classes are offered two days per week, where part of the class is on-campus one day, while the other day is conducted via ZOOM at the student’s preferred location. Below is an example of a Monday/Wednesday schedule.
    • Mondays: Half the class meets in-person, while the other half meets via ZOOM.
    • Wednesdays: Half the class meets via ZOOM, while the other half meets in-person.
  • Virtual Classroom Instruction
    Students will participate in class virtually through ZOOM at a scheduled day and time each week. Students will get to choose their preferred day of the week when registering for classes.
  • Online Instruction
    Online classes will be taught 100% online and will not be scheduled to meet on specific days or times. Online classes will have weekly assignments, readings, forums, tests, and activities. These classes are reading and writing intensive. It is recommended that students enrolling in these classes have strong time management, reading, and writing skills.
  • In-Person Instruction
    In-person classes meet physically on-site each week. Classes will meet one, two, or three days per week at scheduled times, with smaller class sizes in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.
  • Hybrid Instruction
    Hybrid classes are a combination of in-person and online instruction. Students must attend class physically on scheduled days and times. They must also complete online assignments, readings, activities, and projects.

Leah's Story

“I really enjoyed the experience that Penn Highlands provided me. The friends that I made, and the faculty that supported my goals, helped me thrive as a person and in my career.”

Leah Fox
Radiologic Technology Graduate & Local Radiologic Technologist

Casey's Story

“This would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for my time at Penn Highlands. I learned so much about business law, development, management, accounting, and more. My degree gave me the confidence I needed to get started. If it had not been for my education after high school there would be no Sci-Fi Valley Con today.”

Casey Bassett
Business Management Graduate & Owner/Promoter of Sci-Fi Valley Con

Tara's Story

“I don’t think I would have been successful in my career if I had not started my academic journey at Penn Highlands. The classes, instructors, and staff were encouraging, supportive, and genuine. The environment of support I received outside of the classroom paired with the education I learned in the classroom gave me what I needed to later attend a four-year institution and successfully start my career.”

Tara Brodish
General Studies Graduate & Local Teacher

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Our admissions process is simple and takes less than 15 minutes. There is no need to be alarmed. Penn Highlands accepts applications year-round and admits students on a rolling basis.

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