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Course Modalities

Penn Highlands offers several class formats which are noted on our course schedule and within our program pages. Below are descriptions of class formats that Penn Highlands Community College provides.

  • HYBRID CLASS: A hybrid class offers the best of both worlds by combining in-person or virtual/Zoom sessions with online learning, providing students with a versatile and engaging educational experience. Students will meet at minimum once per week with their instructor for a lecture on a specified day(s) and time(s). Some of the class sessions will be conducted online, with the instructor providing guidance and instruction. The online learning portion of a hybrid class does not have a scheduled day or time; it is considered asynchronous. The class schedule will confirm when a lecture is scheduled each week and in which format (in-person or virtual/Zoom).
  • IN-PERSON CLASS: Students physically attend in-person class meetings at a designated day and time every week. Classes are usually scheduled for either two days per week or one day per week. The specific day and time of your class(es) will be indicated on your schedule.
  • ONLINE LEARNING: Online learning uses web-based tools and the Brightspace platform which allows instructors to post resources, assignments, and discussions online. While there may be weekly activities to be completed, there are no scheduled class meetings in this format. Students need to devote time to explore the content, complete assignments, and interact with peers. Students still can meet with faculty either by email, phone, or Zoom when needed.
  • VIRTUAL CLASSROOM/ZOOM:  A virtual classroom consists of a live faculty member who provides instruction in real-time, thus allowing for discussion, clarification, and pivoting from the original lesson plan to best meet the needs of the learner. Virtual Classroom instruction commonly utilizes the Zoom conferencing platform, enabling instructors to deliver lesson plans similar to traditional classrooms. Students can instantaneously interact with academic content, seek clarification, and pose questions with the guidance of their instructors.
  • VIDEO CONFERENCE: Students physically attend classes on campus at specific scheduled days and times. The class is linked to another class at one of our other sites, and both classes are taught by the same instructor. This seamless connection enables a cohesive learning experience under the guidance of a single educator.

Questions? Please contact our Registrar’s Office if you have any questions about class modalities. Click here to email the Registrar’s Office or call 814.262.6439.