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Before beginning the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you should apply for a U.S. Department of Education FSA ID and password online. The FSA ID will allow you to sign your FAFSA electronically and to correct FAFSA information online. If you are providing parent information on the FAFSA, one of your parents must also sign your application. For your parent to sign electronically, he or she must also apply for a FSA ID and password.

Applying for financial aid is free! You must complete and submit a FAFSA online.

  • Dependent students must provide information for themselves and their parent(s).
  • Independent students must provide information for themselves and their spouse (if applicable).

Follow up on your FAFSA. Your application will be processed and you will receive an e-mail with a link to your Student Aid Report (SAR). If you did not provide an e-mail address, you will receive your SAR by mail.

If your Student Aid Report indicates:

  • you are selected for verification – you will be notified by the Financial Aid Office regarding documents that you and your parent(s) will need to submit in order to complete the verification process. Those documents may include but are not limited to: a Verification Worksheet, an IRS tax transcript, W2 and 1099 information, and any additional information/documentation as requested by the Financial Aid Office.
  • your citizenship is questioned – you will be required to provide the Financial Aid Office with a copy of your birth certificate, your Certificate of Naturalization, or U. S. Passport.
  • your social security number is invalid – you are required to provide the Financial Aid Office with a copy of your Social Security card.
  • you are in default regarding a student loan  you are required to provide the Financial Aid Office with a Default Resolution letter showing that you are no longer in default and meeting the requirements of repayment of your student loan(s).

You will receive an electronic notification via your College email from the Financial Aid Office:

  • If your Student Aid Report is valid and you have met all of the requirements, you will receive an Award Notification email from the Financial Aid Office directing you to your myPEAK Portal > Financial Aid Student Portal regarding your aid eligibility. This is your official Award Notification. If you are offered the Federal Direct Student Loan, you will be required to Accept, Reduce, or Decline this offer. First time borrowers are also required to complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note online. The Financial Aid Office will receive confirmation of completion from the Department of Education within 24 hours provided you completed the processes successfully and you included Pennsylvania Highlands Community College’s School Code: 031804.
  • If the Financial Aid Office determines that you need to submit additional documentation for us to determine your aid eligibility, you will receive an email to your College-assigned email address.

To qualify for most aid programs (this includes loans), you must be enrolled at least half-time (six or more credits).