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Financial Obligations & Holds

Students who register for courses at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College accept full financial responsibility for tuition, fees, and other academic and administrative costs assessed and charged under published College policies and procedures. Failure to satisfactorily attend or complete courses does not absolve a student from his or her financial obligations for those courses. Students who apply for financial aid are responsible for payment of any balance not covered by financial aid awards.

Students with outstanding financial obligations to Pennsylvania Highlands Community College including but not limited to tuition, fees, library materials, fines, etc. will have a Student Accounts Office hold on their account and may not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester, receive official transcript or grades, or participate in graduation until the Student Accounts Office hold is cleared.

The Student Accounts Office makes every attempt to contact each student to arrange satisfactory payment of the outstanding amount. If we have exhausted all efforts available to us and the debt is still outstanding, the unpaid account is referred to a private collection agency and reported to the national credit bureau systems.

After an account has been referred to private collection, the student is responsible for payment of all collection costs and attorney fees in addition to the original debt owed to Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. Payment arrangements for amounts in collection must be made directly with the appropriate collection agency.

If you have questions regarding a Student Accounts Office hold, contact the Student Accounts Office at 814.262.6437 for more information.