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Criminal Justice Training Center

next level training to protect and Serve

The Criminal Justice Training Center provides local law enforcement officers, first responders, and criminal justice professionals with quality training and certifications to better serve our local communities.

The Criminal Justice Center consists of training and certification opportunities in Act 120 – the Municipal Police Officers Training Certification (Police Academy), the Use of Force Simulator, the Laurel Highlands Region Police Crisis Intervention Team, the Cambria County Correctional Officers Basic Training and Certification, and the Pennsylvania Annual Cambria County Coroners Training Symposium.

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police Academy

The local Municipal Police Academy (MPS 0011) is a part of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. The College’s Police Academy is a certified unit of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (Act 120).

Successful completion of the program will earn cadets a certificate and permit the graduate to test for a Commonwealth Municipal Police Training (MPT) number required of all municipal police officers in Pennsylvania. 

The Police Academy is a one-year program that runs evenings and weekends. Classes are typically Monday through Thursday from 6 PM to 10 PM. There will be eight weekends when training will occur.

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use of force simulator

Our three-screen simulator recreates over 750 real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment with varying responses to resistance. Prepare for real-life, on-the-job scenarios with optimal training experience. Scenarios are appropriate for law enforcement, corrections and probation/parole officers

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Laurel Highlands Region Police Crisis Intervention Training

The Laurel Highlands Region Police Crisis Intervention Team is an innovative program of police-based crisis intervention involving community health care and advocacy partnerships. Under this model, police officers, first responders, probation/parole officers and correctional officers receive extensive training provided by community mental health professionals, family and consumer advocates and experts in related fields in responding to citizens experiencing a behavioral crisis.

Cambria County Prison Basic Correctional Officers Certification

The Cambria County Prison has partnered with the Criminal Justice Training Center to enhance the basic correctional officers training certification program. This is done through providing facilities for their training and their internship program and more.

Cambria County Coroners Training

The Cambria County Coroner’s Office has partnered with the Criminal Justice Training Center to facilitate and support the annual training symposium, which is designed to educate Pennsylvania Coroners on current events and emerging trends as they relate to situations such as handling of subpoenas, death certificates, criminal investigations, mass fatalities, coroner inquests, partnerships with law enforcement agencies, and positive relationships with the media.