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Press & the Media

Marketing & Communications provides all media and communications services and acts as the official “voice of Penn Highlands Community College.” Marketing & Communications is the principal contact/liaison for all communications between the College and media representatives, as determined by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

It is very important to involve us in all college-related communications with representatives of the news media. We will help you prepare for interviews and help ensure accuracy and consistency in public statements.

Refer Media Inquiries To

Raymond Weible, Jr.
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications

Share Your Story Or Information

Have a story or information to share? Let us know. We’d rather have too much than too little. Click on the button link below or email Marketing & Communications.

What is newsworthy? Think:

  • New: a new program, class, or activity
  • Big: lots of people, money, or impact
  • Unusual: the oldest, youngest, first, last, only one of its kind
  • People: a personal, unique, emotional story
  • Buzz: what people are talking about, the first thing you tell your friends and family about your day at the college
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  • Interview Tips

    Before your interview:

    • Contact Marketing & Communications. We can help draft responses and arrange the best possible location for video interviews.
    • Gain a clear understanding of the story’s subject matter and angle. If it is in your area of expertise, feel free to respond. If the topic is outside your area of expertise, politely decline and refer to someone else. If the subject matter is negative or controversial, or if for any reason you feel uncomfortable responding, please contact us for assistance.
    • Develop two or three key messages you would like to get across during the interview. Jot down likely questions and think of ways to address them while working in those key messages.

    During your interview:

    • Repeat your key messages (in different ways) at each available opportunity.
    • Mention Penn Highlands Community College when possible.
    • Keep your messages clear and concise. Use short and easily understood words and develop quick and to-the-point sound bites. You only have a brief window of opportunity to make an impression (a 10-20 second sound bite in a television/radio report, and two or three sentences in each newspaper quote).
    • If you need time to collect your thoughts or retrieve supporting information, set an agreed-upon time to call back (the sooner the better). Example: “I need to gather some information before the interview. I should have it assembled in 15 minutes. Will it work for you if I call you back at 10:30?”
    • Encourage the reporter to call you back for clarification or follow-up questions.
  • Process & Media Theory

    Marketing & Communications generates media coverage by identifying opportunities in breaking news, and by placing news, features, and other information that support the College’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

    Marketing & Communications manages the placement of faculty experts in various media to discuss College research, projects, initiatives, or other newsworthy events. In addition, Marketing & Communications oversees movie, commercial, and special filming projects on-location, and the production of public service announcements that support the College’s mission.

    Factors that help determine if an event or opportunity is newsworthy:

    • A new or unique program at the College.
    • A breakthrough in College research or ingenuity.
    • A significant award or grant won by a faculty or staff member, student, alumni, or an administrator.
    • A significant special event that is consistent with the College’s mission and objectives.
    • An individual or College-related activity that ties in directly with breaking news, or a major regional, national, or global story.