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ACE Bridge Scholarship

The ACE Bridge Scholarship aims to financially support and assist former dual enrollment (ACE) students in their pursuit of obtaining an associate degree or certificate from Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.


This scholarship is available to students who:

  • Completed ACE dual enrollment credits while in high school with Penn Highlands
  • Earned a grade of C or higher in all ACE dual enrollment classes.
  • Enroll as a full-time student in the fall semester immediately following their graduation from high school.
  • Pursue a major (degree or certificate) at Penn Highlands.
  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible for renewal of the scholarship.

Notes: Students are eligible to receive the ACE Bridge Scholarship even if a third-party scholarship or tuition waiver was able to cover the tuition of the dual enrollment classes. The scholarship award may be applied to tuition and fees incurred by the student’s full-time enrollment. This scholarship does not cover books and supplies.

Award Structure

TiersTotal ACE credits earned with a grade C or higher Award per semester for two consecutive full-time semesters Maximum award through two full-time semesters
Tier IUp to 5 credits$250 per semester$500 total award
Tier II6 - 10 credits$350 per semester$700 total award
Tier III11 and above$500 per semester$1,000 total award

Application Process

Students are required to gain acceptance as a matriculated (degree-seeking) student at Penn Highlands Community College. Then, students should speak with their admissions representative to register for the scholarship.

Though not mandatory, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is strongly advised for this scholarship. Our admissions representative will assess the student’s transcript to establish both eligibility and the scholarship tier. Upon verification, the scholarship funds will be allocated to the student’s financial account.

How The Scholarship Works

Example 1: A student attempted four, three credit ACE courses while in high school. The student completed three, three credit courses with a C grade or higher. The student received a D in one of the three credit courses. The student is eligible to receive a Tier II scholarship.

Example 2: The student earned a 3.0 GPA during the fall semester at Penn Highlands. The student enrolled in 15 credits for the spring semester. The student is eligible to receive the second semester of the Tier II scholarship.