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Aiming for your bachelor’s degree? Start with us!

Early planning is the key to success when you intend to transfer following completion of an associate degree.

  1. Make your plans known. Let your academic advisor know that you are planning to transfer following the completion of your degree.
  2. Start planning your transfer ASAP. Penn Highlands has many resources to help students explore different career and transfer options. Visit with our Career Pathways Specialist to explore the many careers in today’s workforce, the degrees and training required for certain careers, and anticipated job openings in your chosen field.
  3. Visit with our Transfer Specialist to start planning for your transfer. The Transfer Specialist can help you determine the schools that interest you, the programs of study that will lead you to the career you have selected, and the courses you should be taking at Penn Highlands that will prepare you for transfer.
  4. Explore the many transfer agreements that are in place to help students move on to a bachelor’s degree. Penn Highlands has many, many transfer agreements with bachelor’s degree colleges and universities. Click here to start exploring the many options available.

How Do I Know How My Courses Will Transfer?

Many colleges and universities have lists that indicate which specific Penn Highlands courses are equivalent to courses at their institution. (Keep in mind that although a course is equivalent, it may not be required for a particular bachelor’s degree program.) Working with a transfer counselor at the university is the best way to ensure your courses will transfer and apply to your chosen degree.

Special (Articulation) Agreements Can Smooth The Way

Penn Highlands has transfer agreements with many colleges and universities that make the transfer planning process smoother. Click here to learn about the articulation agreements that are in place between Penn Highlands and other colleges and universities.

Researching Transfer Classes

There are many resources to help you determine if a particular Penn Highlands class will transfer to another college or university. Here are some options for your research: