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Transfer & Adult Students

Transfer Students are always welcome at Pennsylvania Highlands. Many of our students have completed coursework at other colleges or universities. Some have completed courses or programs at vocational schools, too! An important step in your admissions process will be to have your transcripts from your previous school(s) evaluated for courses that match those at Penn Highlands. That way, we know what you have already taken and what you will still need to take in order to complete your degree with us!

Students who have attended other colleges and wish to transfer to Pennsylvania Highlands are required to do the following prior to enrolling:

  1. Complete a College Application for admission online or in paper. (Click here to apply now.)
  2. As a student, tuition will be determined by the legal/home/permanent address. You may be required to verify residency.
  3. Submit an official copy of your final high school transcripts or GED® and your official college transcripts from prior college(s) that you attended to the Admissions Office.
  4. After completion of these steps, an acceptance letter will be mailed to the student. An important email will also be sent to the student with myPEAK account information and activation instructions along with information about next steps. BE SURE TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Getting your transcripts evaluated

  • Transfer students are required to submit official transcripts from the college(s) from which they plan to transfer credits. Those transcripts must be mailed directly to the Registrar’s Office at the following address: Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Registrar’s Office, 101 Community College Way, Johnstown, PA 15904.
  • Evaluation of those transcripts are completed for transfer credits.
  • Once the evaluation is complete, Admissions will schedule your registration appointment.

How do I know what will transfer?

Click here to view transfer equivalencies and more transfer-related information. There are several resources that you can use to determine if your credits will transfer to Penn Highlands:

  • You must earn a grade of C or better in order for the course to transfer.
  • The course must be equivalent (match) a course at Penn Highlands in your chosen degree, diploma or certificate.
  • The transcript provided must be official (mailed or emailed through a secure server directly to the Registrar’s Office).

PA TRAC is a website that provides information on which credits transfer from many of the other community colleges in Pennsylvania as well as the PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) schools like Indiana University of Pennsylvania, California University of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University, etc., plus Saint Francis University. Click here to visit PATRAC and begin your search for transfer classes.

College Credit for Work or Life Experience

Did you know that you could earn college credit for work or life experience? By using College Credit Fast Track, current and prospective students will get help with earning college credit at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College or one of the participating institutions based on prior work or life experience. Credit cCollege Credit Fast Trackan be awarded for:

  • Employment
  • Training programs
  • Military service
  • Independent study
  • Community service
  • Completing free online courses

College Credit Fast Track will help you find the right course to petition for credit, put you in contact with an advisor, and assist you with building your e-portfolio and sending it to an assessor for review. Click here to learn more.