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Report an Incident or Concern

For concerns about a student’s academic, behavioral, and/or financial situation.

If you are an employee of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and are concerned about a student’s academic, behavioral, and/or financial situation, please log on to the portal and use the PAWS Early Alert System to notify our student services staff. To complete the form, please click on the button below:

Students, Faculty, Staff, & Community Members
To report violations of policies including integrity, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.

Students, faculty, staff, and community members who would like to report an incident involving suspected violations of policies relating to student code of conduct, sexual harassment, gender misconduct, discrimination, or Federal, State, or local laws may do so by completing the College Incident Reporting Form. To complete the form, please click on the button below:

This report can be submitted anonymously. For information specific to how reports of sexual misconduct and/or discrimination are handled and additional resources, please click here.

Employees & Community Members
For concerns about employment.

Do you have an employment concern that requires anonymity? Pennsylvania Highlands Community College provides a reporting hotline for employees to anonymously report a variety of incidents. Call our anonymous reporting hotline at 1.800.401.8004 or click on the button below to access the form:

For academic concerns.

If you experience major concerns regarding a class or instructor, we encourage you to share them. There are options for students to communicate concerns to the College. This web page provides the information you need to communicate concerns about your courses or instructor (see Incident Reporting Form above). Also, a link to the policy and procedure related to Academic Grievances is located through the button below.

Students & Community Members
For non-academic and general community concerns.

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College prioritizes the satisfaction of both students and the community, aiming to ensure a positive experience for all students. We welcome feedback not only from students, but also from community members and visitors. Your concerns are important to us. This form serves as a platform to express general, non-academic concerns or to propose suggestions regarding the College’s operations.

Contact Information

Office of Security and Safety 
814.262.6427 | Email Security

Trish A. Corle
Vice President of Student Services, Title IX Coordinator
814.262.3841 | Email Trish Corle