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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the College and is ultimately responsible for setting the larger agenda for the institution. The Board is comprised of representatives from private, for-profit companies, education, and non-profits. The Cambria County Commissioners appoint 12 members to our Board of Trustees. Three additional members are board-appointed from locations in which the College has an academic center, and the Student Senate President serves as a voting member.

College Senate

In addition to the Board of Trustees, College Senate serves as an advisory group to the President on matters of mutual interest to the Student Senate, the Faculty Senate, the Administrative Senate, and the Staff Senate. Representatives from each of these groups are members of the College Senate. In addition, there are five standing committees. Each committee is made up of members from the various senates, and all report to the College Senate.

Cambria County Commissioners

The Cambria County Commissioners support residents of Cambria County by providing annual funding to Penn Highlands Community College. This funding support allows residents of Cambria County to receive a reduced tuition rate, helping college become more attainable through affordability. The Cambria County Commissioners appoint 12 members to our Board of Trustees.

President Commissioner Chernisky
Thomas C. Chernisky
President Commissioner

Scott Hunt

Commissioner William Smith
William Smith