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The Pennsylvania Highlands Community College brand defines our place and prominence in higher education throughout the Southern Alleghenies region, western Pennsylvania, and beyond.

The College’s brand enhances the recognition of the College and its outstanding programs. Overall design and editorial harmony give all communications the ability to have a cumulative positive impact. The objective is not to make every look the same, but rather to give each initiative common elements that will clearly communicate that it is a part of the Pennsylvania Highlands community.

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Marketing & Communications develops and implements a multitude of projects to drive the College’s mission. To submit a request, please complete a project request.

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A brand is a cluster of ideas that, if successful, is evoked by many things, including the name, logo, font, photography, and more. Brands thrive in the minds of people. The Pennsylvania Highlands brand not only supports the mission and strategic plan of the College; it is what people mentally package as Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

Our brand must reflect the quality and effectiveness of the College’s products and services, every underlying process, and all systems within the College community. The messages (ideas) that Penn Highlands conveys, both verbally and visually, must represent the College concisely in order to elicit the proper meaning to all members of our community.

Our brand serves many purposes. It lends to the cohesiveness of the imaging and messaging that advocates the strengths and values of the College’s services and programs. It also fosters true understanding and helps prevent any confusion with outlying brands or misrepresentations of the College.

The College brand builds credibility, trust, loyalty, and pride. It also generates positive impressions and feelings… unifying the entire organization. When used effectively, it can increase enrollment, create top-of-mind awareness and brand recognition, increase utilization by employers of the College’s business-related services and programs, and aid in generating financial donations.

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