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Digital Signage

Digital signage at Penn Highlands refers to all content on the internal monitors located across our facilities.

These monitors are maintained by Marketing & Communications, with system support coming from Information Technology. This service is available to all Penn Highlands faculty, staff, and student organizations. To request information be posted via our internal system, please submit a project request.

Digital Signage Requirements

  • All submissions are to be submitted two weeks prior to the date of publication.
  • Digital signage changes are made once per week, no changes are done mid-week.
  • Video submissions must be Full HD (1080p), with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Video submissions should be submitted in the preferred video format: MP4.
  • The recommended length of video submissions is between 15 and 30 seconds. Longer pieces may be submitted with support and recommendations from Marketing & Communications.
  • Subtitles are recommended for all video submissions since monitors have either low or no sound playing.
  • If not created by Marketing & Communications, video submissions must have a lower third – listed throughout the entirety of the video – that states “Produced by [name or club]” in order to provide proper credit.
  • Due to screen locations, traffic, and available content space, we do not place single-day events on monitors. Reoccurring, or multiple-day, events and other general-based requests are allowed on monitors. Exceptions may be considered after review from Marketing & Communications.
  • All submissions are subject to review by Marketing & Communications.
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