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Photography & Videography

Occupying prime real estate, photography is an integral part of the College brand and identity. The photography style should illustrate a dynamic and vibrant setting, with beautiful composition highlighting students, faculty members, facilities, events, and other aspects of the College community.

The use of non-professional photographs raises both brand quality and legal issues, such as photos subject to permission and copyright. For these reasons, outside of rare circumstances as deemed appropriate by Marketing & Communications, only photos taken or approved by Marketing & Communications are to be used in any and all print, web, or external materials.

All photos found on the College website or any other external communications tool are the property of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and/or the photographer/videographer. The express written consent of Marketing & Communications must be given prior to any photograph used by other departments, areas, students, clubs, organizations, and/or groups.

If any member of the College community is requesting these professional services, please complete a request by clicking the button below.

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College’s Photo & Video Disclaimer

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College retains the right to photograph and/or video-record students, faculty, staff, and guests while on College property or during College-sponsored functions. The images, video, and audio obtained may be used by Pennsylvania Highlands for promotional purposes, including use in any media advertising, College publication, press release, College-affiliated website or social media channel, and all other appropriate materials. Anyone wishing not to participate is advised to either inform the photographer/videographer or the Marketing Department to remove him or herself from the area in question. Contact the College’s Marketing Department at 814.262.3816 or Email Marketing Department for further information.