Student Support

Did You Know

College costs have increased by 250% in the past three decades, while family incomes grew by only 16% within that same time frame. Additionally, 54% of Penn Highlands Community College students demonstrated a financial need (Fall 2020).

The College Foundation offers over 10 diverse scholarships to students pursuing an education at Penn Highlands Community College.

Nevin McIntosh-Higgins, Supporting Success Scholarship Recipient

I was 16 when I decided I wanted to become a future educator for the next generation. The Early Childhood Education program was my calling. With both of my parents being disabled, scholarship funding lent much needed support for books and other supplies.

Nevin McIntosh-Higgins, Supporting Success Scholarship Recipient

During the 2020-2021 academic year alone, the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Foundation awarded $22,000 in scholarship funds to qualified students.

Foundation scholarship applications are open between April 1 and May 15, 2022. Because many scholarships are based on a student’s registration status, students are advised to first register for the fall semester prior to completing the scholarship application.

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Student Emergency Fund

As a way to help our most vulnerable students in need, the Penn Highlands Community College Foundation began “Jeans Day.” One Friday per month, faculty and staff would wear jeans to work for a $5 donation. These funds in turn were deposited into a “Student Emergency Fund” to be used for students at risk of dropping out of college due to unforeseen financial emergencies.  

Sometimes a $300 debt or unforeseen bill can stand in the way of a student staying in college and graduating. The Student Emergency Fund assists students in paying for a utility bill, temporary lodging, car repairs, and more. Today, the Student Emergency Fund can be funded by anyone wishing to help students in need. 

Student Eligibility:

Any full-time or part-time student may access these funds, including ACE and Associate in High School. The maximum amount is $200 per fiscal year per student. Payments will be made directly to the vendor – not the student. A student may be referred for this service by any administrator, faculty, or staff member within the College.

Contact Information:

For additional questions on the student emergency fund, please contact the Foundation at 814.262.6499 or email the Foundation.