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Black Bear Athletics

The Black Bears of Penn Highlands Community College began competition in 2010. The College is a chartered member college of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), and holds rank within the Western Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference (WPCC). The NJCAA fosters a national program of athletic participation in an environment that supports equitable opportunities consistent with the educational objectives of member colleges.

The following logo and typeface guidelines apply to all official College Athletic (or Club Athletic) Programs. Any deviation from these must have the approval of both the Athletics and Marketing & Communications departments. Additionally, the use of any College, NJCAA, or WPCC likeness is prohibited unless approval is granted by both the Athletics and Marketing & Communications departments.

Black Bear Logos

Circle Bear Logo. This is the primary bear face used for marketing purposes. It can be found on various pieces including uniforms, telecasts, and other promotional pieces. The light version is to be used on dark backgrounds; the dark version is to be used on light backgrounds. This logo can appear using only specific colors: white, black, College Green, and College Dark Green. The use of the inverse form of this logo is strictly prohibited.

Standard Complete Logo (Two Forms). This is known as ‘Bear Mountain’ and can appear on various pieces and materials where color and space is at a premium. This logo can only be printed in full color. The form with words can only be used when space allows for ‘Penn Highlands’ to be legible. If space is minimal, please use the version without wording.

Black Bear Typography

Header and Circle Bear Logo Typeface. The Franchise Free font is used for all header and call-outs. It is the primary Athletics font when wanting to show strength or emphasis. This font is also the primary font to be used with the Circle Bear Logo. The name ‘Black Bears’ can appear either centered directly below or to the right of the Circle Bear Logo.

Secondary Header Typeface. Open Sans Semi-Bold font is considered the secondary header, and it is used to show importance to a level almost as great as that of the main header font. This font bridges the gap between detailed information and callouts.

Body Typeface. The Open Sans Font Family is to be used for all general bulk content pertaining to Athletics. It is to be used for lengthier writing and for going into detail and specifics.

Secondary Typeface. The Century Gothic Font Family is the secondary typeface. This font should be utilized when no other options are available.