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College Senate

College Senate serves as an advisory group to the President on matters of mutual interest to Student Senate, Faculty Senate, Administrative Senate, and Staff Senate.

The President determines the meeting schedule for College Senate. Student Senate, Faculty Senate, Administrative Senate, or Staff Senate may request meetings of the College Senate and may place items on the agenda. The College Senate may be called upon to review recommendations coming from any of the four senates.

A quorum of the College Senate shall consist of more than 50% of voting members and shall be necessary to recommend items to the President.

The College Senate will make every effort to reach consensus on the issues that are brought before it; however, the President may find the need to call for a vote at such times when consensus does not appear imminent. A simple majority vote will carry the motion.

The College Senate has the authority to create and dissolve both standing and ad hoc committees with membership from the Senates.