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Publications & Materials

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College stores digital versions of official publications. Past and present versions of these publications can be accessed by contacting Marketing & Communications. Publications that are found online are originally optimized and meant for print distribution. Here is a sampling of publications that have been built:

  • College Viewbooks (Credit)
  • Workforce Education Viewbooks (Non-Credit and Career Training)
  • Continuing Education Non-Credit Schedule Booklets
  • Annual Reports
  • Community Reports
  • Career Guides
  • Financial Aid Guides
  • Accepted Student Guides
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Graphic Style

Every single piece, both internal and external, plays its part and must adhere to the graphic style of the Penn Highlands’ brand.

What is graphic style?

It is the use of logos, typefaces, and colors to create a clearly recognizable image for an institution. Graphic style standards are necessary for organizations in order to build and communicate a clear institutional brand for its target audiences.

A successful graphic style will help the College develop strong name recognition by defining a “look” for all materials that audiences instantly identify as Penn Highlands Community College. This does not mean that all materials must look exactly alike. It does mean that they must all clearly belong to the same family, with wordmarks, logos, typefaces, and colors used consistently.

Graphic Style Application

Publications and materials governed by our graphic style include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recruitment brochures
  • PowerPoints and other presentations
  • Departmental program information
  • Publications to alumni, donors, and other external audiences
  • Official websites and social media outlets
  • Periodical magazines, annual reports, and newsletters
  • All advertising vehicles
  • Promotional videos and CDs
  • Stationery and business cards
  • Banners and posters
  • Promotional items
  • Signage

Examples of materials not governed by our graphic style include the following:

  • Academic papers or academic presentations
  • Articles written for academic journals
  • Internal reports, memos, and forms
  • Letters and other business correspondence (must be on official stationery)