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Our words carry weight, and so does our typography. The size, font, and style of the typeface we choose is a recognizable aspect of the Penn Highlands brand. It can reinforce the College’s voice, or back up a smart and insightful idea. The following typefaces best identify our mission and vision.

Primary Typefaces

Our primary typefaces include Century Gothic and Open Sans. Both font families can be used in all instances, including subheads and body copy.

Secondary (Emphasis) Typeface

Our secondary typeface is Klinic Slab. The Klinic Slab Font Family is to be used when showing emphasis or importance. Klinic Slab is compelling enough for headlines, but its style lends it to not being legible for large amounts of smaller copy. Klinic Slab is preferred for headlines or short, important sentences.

Alternate Font: When no other brand typefaces are available, the Arial Font Family is a suitable replacement.

Logo Fonts: The logo consists of Cassannet Bold and Lithos Pro. Both have been carefully designed to fit with the College’s mountain symbol, and they may not be modified in any way. These two typefaces may not be used separately from the logo itself.

To download any of these typefaces, please contact Marketing & Communications.