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The College logo is a visual representation of the brand, promoting immediate identification. The readability and integrity of the logo should never be compromised; its integrity must be strictly maintained in order to continually build awareness. The logo is a piece of artwork and is a core element of the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College identity.

Logo: Full Color

The preferred use of the logo is College Green and College Black on a white background. The preference between the square logo and horizontal logo is determined by applicable space. Always leave a generous margin around the logo.

Logo: One Color

When the preferred version of the logo is not applicable, the one color version of the logo may be used. The preference between the square logo and horizontal logo is determined by applicable space. Always leave a generous margin around the logo.

College White on
College Green Background

College Green on
White Background

College White on
Black Background

College Black on
White Background

Mountain Symbol

The Pennsylvania Highlands Mountain Symbol may be used alone. However, the logotype cannot be used without the accompanying Mountain Symbol. The Mountain Symbol follows the same color schemes as the one color version of the logo.

Logo Usage

Color. On screen, the logo should be reproduced in the College’s hex color, and subsequently using the RGB color. In print, the logo should be reproduced in the College’s spot color (Pantone), and subsequently using the process color (CMYK), or in black/white.

Sizing. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. The logo should not appear small enough to where the words ‘Community College’ become illegible. Additionally, if using a JPG or PDF file, the logo should not become so large that it appears pixelated.

Logo Misuses. As our logo appears across an endless range of communications, we’ve compiled a list of improper applications of the logo. Adhering to these simple rules will continue to ensure that our logo is recognizable to all audiences. Exceptions to the rules below can only be granted by consulting with and receiving approval from Marketing & Communications.

  • Do not use drop shadows.
  • Do not rotate the logo.
  • Do not add type or graphic elements to the logotype.
  • Do not give the logo any transparency.
  • Do not use any foreign background colors.
  • Do not separate the typeface from the symbol.
  • Keep proper proportions; do not stretch the logo horizontally or vertically.
  • Do not use a stroke to outline the logo unless it falls within the approved color palette. Seek approval for weight of stroke.
  • Do not enlarge the logo so much that it becomes pixelated.
  • Do not place our logo onto backgrounds that render it illegible.

Clear Space. To maximize the College brand and identity, please maintain ample clear space around the logo to ensure that it remains legible and doesn’t get lost within any composition.

Permission To Use. Permission to use the College logo must be obtained by contacting the Marketing & Communications Department and acquiring the proper files for placement. This is to maintain brand image and integrity.