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Email Messages

All College communications, even email, are reflections of the institution. Consequently, it is important that all email messages sent from College accounts are professional in appearance. Please understand that many recipients may not be able to view all formatting styles. As a result, the following is to be observed when sending an email:

  • Keep your formatting simple. Utilize Century Gothic, Open Sans, or Arial typefaces. Fonts that mimic handwriting or are difficult to read are not permitted.
  • Do not include any decorative clip art or backgrounds with your messages as they can be distracting and create emails that are not legible on certain devices.
  • All messages should be in College Black or College Green (as noted in the College Colors section). Yellow, blue, or red may be used to highlight only keywords or passages.
  • Your email signature/tagline should be no more than your name, title, and College contact information. Literary or individual quotes, Bible passages, political references, or other statements that are a reflection of the individual rather than the College are not permitted.
  • Images should not be included in a person’s signature as they are not legible on all devices.
  • External messages must include a salutation and email signature.

Email Signature Example