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Test Prep

The courses listed below represent a small sample of available online courses. Click here to view additional offerings.

  • GMAT Preparation

    Improve your score and save time on all GMAT question types. This course helps you learn test-taking techniques as you practice on actual GMAT tests from previous years, which is the best way to prepare for any standardized test.

    Instructor Led | $110 | Classes begin monthly | Register

    Self-Paced | $100 | Start any time | Register

  • GRE Prep Series

    If you’re planning to apply for graduate school, you’ll need to ensure you score well on the GRE, and this series is the perfect place to prepare. Learn techniques for taking on the verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative math sections of the GRE. You’ll also receive pointers on managing time, reducing anxiety, and how scoring is calculated so that you will be confident and ready to do your very best on test day.

    Instructor Led | $199 | Classes begin monthly | Register

  • LSAT Prep Series

    The legal field continues to grow as areas like health care, environmental, and immigration law are booming. But before you can begin a career in any type of law, you will need to score well on the LSAT. Your score will determine the caliber of law school you are able to attend and, ultimately, the course of your career, and this series is designed to help you prepare. You’ll learn techniques for taking on analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning questions, as well as the required writing sample for the admissions process.

    Instructor Led | $199 | Classes begin monthly | Register

  • Prepare for the GED Math Test

    Review basic math skills and apply your knowledge by practicing with the same kinds of questions you may find on the test. This course will help you master the skills required to pass the Mathematics Reasoning module of the GED Math Test.

    Instructor Led | $122 | Classes begin monthly | Register

    Self-Paced | $115 | Start any time | Register

  • Prepare for the GED Test Series

    Lacking a high school diploma no longer has to hold you back in your career aspirations. If you’re comfortable reading a high school textbook, doing basic math operations without a calculator, and writing a short letter in English, then you’re ready to take the GED® test. More than 300,000 Americans take the GED® test annually and those who pass gain the skills and knowledge equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.

    Preparing for the GED® is key to passing the test, and an online course helps you prepare on your own time.

    The Prepare for GED Test Series will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus your studying on the areas you need the most. You will learn about the four GED® test modules, with an additional focus on the skills needed to pass the Mathematical Reasoning module.

    Instructor Led | $199 | Classes begin monthly | Register