French Macarons

Macarons are a fun treat to impress your friends with; they are inexpensive, gluten free, and amazingly delicious. While they may appear to be a complicated confection, our instructor will show you how easy it is to make them. By the end of this hands-on class, you’ll have the fundamentals of macarons down to a science! Early registration is highly recommended; seating is limited.

*Class is full; call 814.262.3815 to be placed on a wait list*

Italian Feast

Learn to prepare an Italian Feast in this demonstrative and hands-on class with instructor Allegra Slick. You’ll learn how to make Italian wedding soup, antipasta salad, homemade sauce, homemade pasta, and a dessert. Early registration is highly recommended; seating is limited for this very popular class!

*Class is full; call 814.262.3815 to be placed on a wait list*

Just Desserts Series

This series focuses on delicious desserts! Pick your favorites or register for all 4 courses at a discount! At the end of each class, you’ll leave with the recipe, the knowledge to make them on your own, and a finished product to take home with you.

Series Cost: $145, ZFS 067
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New York Style Cheesecake
Monday, 4/15, 5:45-8:45pm, Richland, $39, ZFS 064
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Pies, Pies, Pies!
Monday, 4/22, 5:45-8:45pm, Richland, $39, ZFS 074
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Red Velvet Cake
Monday, 4/29, 5:45-8:45pm, Richland, $39, ZFS 075
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Italian Love Cake
Monday, 5/6, 5:45-8:45pm, Richland, $39, ZFS 076
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Nut Rolls

No need to order your nut rolls this holiday season! Bring your apron and rolling pin and join instructor Allegra Slick as you learn how to make this traditional sweet bread pastry. The cost of supplies and ingredients is included in the tuition.

*Class is full; call 814.262.3815 to be placed on a wait list*

One-Day ServSafe Certification

This course is recommended for people in occupations where food is handled and meets PA licensure guidelines. The length of the entire course is 15 hours, which includes 7.5 hours of self/home study prior to the date of the one-day seminar. You must sign an affidavit the day of the course stating that you have participated in 7.5 hours of home study prior to taking the course. A textbook must be purchased and is available at the College book store. A valid photo ID is needed for the exam. Registration is necessary two weeks prior to the start date of this course. *If you require a non-English exam you MUST request this at registration. Required textbook: ServSafe Manager with Answer Sheet (7th Edition), ISBN: 9780134812335

Monday, 2/11, 8:30am-4:30pm, Richland, $90, CED 135.01
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Monday, 3/18, 8:30am-4:30pm, Somerset, $90, CED 135.02
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Monday, 4/15, 8:30am-4:30pm, Ebensburg, $90, CED 135.03
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Monday, 5/20, 8:30am-4:30pm, Blair, $90, CED 135.04
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Taste of India

Come and taste the “Foods of India.” Our fascinating instructor will teach you how to make different curries and spices, appetizers, main courses including Chicken Tikka Masala, Palak (spinach) and Paneer (cheese), kabobs, breads, desserts, etc.

Wednesdays, 4/10-4/24, 5:45-8:45pm, Richland, $74, ZFS 073
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Wholesome Eating

Are you confused when hearing about new eating regimens? What do people mean when they say “free range,” “grass-fed,” “paleo,” “vegan,” etc.? If you would like to know, or if you are interested in improving your diet (“you are what you eat!”), you’ll want to register for this class today! Sign-up to join instructor Wendy Schwab, MD and learn various nutrition terminology and what different diets are. You’ll learn about preparing wholesome foods, too, and have the opportunity to sample nutritious recipes.

$45, ZFS 061
Class is ongoing and held online; if you’re interested, please call 814.262.3815 to schedule according to participant schedules.