Media Production (A.A.S.)

Since July 2017, 391 jobs were posted by companies in our region for professionals in this field. The median salary for a producer is $53,660 per year. (Source: EMSI Career Coach)

Have you ever dreamed of working in the radio or television world? Want to be that on-air radio personality that everyone craves to hear? Have that desire for all eyes to be on you or your work? If any of these questions ring a bell, then a degree in Media Production may be the right fit for you.

This program features a unique blend of three major communication fields: television production, radio production, and e-based technologies. Having this range of knowledge, students will be prepared for any number of jobs in radio, television, and emerging media (i.e. social media).

Our highly involved approach will provide students with a strong foundation of theory and skills vital to succeed in these ever-changing and competitive fields. After graduating, students will be able to produce radio and television commercials, as well as have the confidence to be able to step in front of the camera or microphone. Plus, our program will provide students with the ability to build powerhouse, web-based communications.

Click here to view some of the work done by students in our Media Production program.

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Program Objectives

  1. Analyze media’s impact on the public.
  2. Work in a professional and ethical manner respecting legal, social, and cultural responsibilities of the field.
  3. Operate audio, video, or film equipment.
  4. Produce audio, video, film, or multimedia projects.
  5. Direct or perform as voice or acting talent.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to work in a professional and ethical manner respecting legal, social, and cultural responsibilities of the field.

Requirements & Course Sequence

All course requirements and the recommended sequence of courses for this program can be found through the College’s Online Academic Catalog. Click here to access the catalog for details on our Media Production program.

Program Availability

Media Production is available at the following locations:

Career Coach Bar per program.

1.888.385.7325 (PEAK)