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Business Management (A.A.S.)

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Has starting a business and creating your own niche always been a dream that you want to become a reality? Become your own boss with assistance from our Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Business Management degree. With this degree in your back pocket, be ready to create your own success.

Our Business Management degree not only teaches students the ins and outs of running a business, it also helps students develop true leadership skills at various levels. Students will become strong leaders by gaining a foundation in general business knowledge and skills, an introduction to theories and concepts, an introduction to total quality management, and so much more.

Leaders are being developed every single day through the A.A.S. in Business Management degree! Are you ready to step up, take control, and lead others? This degree will prepare you to walk off the graduation stage and into your own business.

Requirements & Course Sequence

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic management and leadership principles.
  2. Collect and critically analyze data and information to be applied to business scenarios.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to solve complex business problems/issues.
  4. Present project/research findings clearly, both orally and in written form.

Transfer Opportunities

Your ability to start here and earn a bachelor’s degree anywhere makes Penn Highlands the right college choice. Plus, you will save thousands of dollars. Be smart, and get your associate degree with us before transferring on to something greater.

Penn Highlands has signed transfer agreements to continue your studies in Business Management with:

  • Mount Aloysius College
  • Robert Morris University
  • Saint Francis University
  • Seton Hill University

Ready? Schedule a visit to discuss your future. Transfer options are different based on the college you plan to attend; our team can help you determine the right path for what you are looking for.

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Program availability:
  • Online Degree Option

    Penn Highlands Online offers a flexible learning opportunity that can not only fit your mobile, on-the-go lifestyle, but can be completely personalized around your schedule. Through the College’s Online Campus, you can complete a degree in Business Management. Please reference the following course progression chart for an idea of the coursework necessary to complete this program online.

    Timeline: Business Management Online Degree
    Fall 1 Semester (August – December)
    • ACP 100 – Academic and Career Planning
    • CIT 100 – Microcomputer Applications
    • ENG 110 – English Composition 1
    • BUS 110 – Introduction to Business
    • ACC 100 – Introduction to Accounting
    Spring 1 Semester (January – May)
    • ENG 220 – Business Letter and Report Writing
    • BUS 210 – Business Law
    • BUS 220 – Small Business Management
    • ACC 110 – Principles of Accounting
    • BUS 125 – Management Principles
    Summer 1 Semester (May – August)
    • MAT 110 – Business Math
    • COM 101 – Public Speaking
    Fall 2 Semester (August – December)
    • BUS 206 – Operations Management and Process Improvement
    • BUS 240 – Labor Relations Management
    • BUS 225 – Business Ethics or BUS 130 – Personal Consumer Finance
    • BIO 104/114 – Principles of Biology w/ Lab or AST 100 – Astronomy
    Spring 2 Semester (January – May)
    • BUS 165 – Human Resource Management
    • BUS 230 – Principles of Marketing
    • Social Science Elective
    • BUS 298 Internship or Social Science Elective
    Summer 2 Semester (May – August)
    • LIF 111 – Health and Wellness
    • ECO 100 – Macroeconomics or ECO 110 – Microeconomics