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Bookkeeping (Certificate)

The Bookkeeping Certificate credential will provide you with eight essential courses to get you started on the path to a career in bookkeeping. This certificate provides the skills needed to become a bookkeeper without committing to an entire associate degree program.

After graduating with the Bookkeeping Certificate, graduates may wish to pursue the Accounting A.A.S. degree. Bookkeeping graduates will able to use all successfully completed course credits towards an Accounting degree. Successful completion of the Accounting degree prepares students for certification through the American Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (AIPB) Certified Bookkeeper designation.

Requirements & Course Sequence Career & Job Opportunities

Program Objectives

  1. Develop, measure, analyze, validate, and communicate financial information.
  2. Complete the accounting cycle from transaction to analysis to financial statement preparation to closing the books at the end of each fiscal period.
  3. Use automated accounting software to develop, measure, analyze, validate, and communicate financial information.

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