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Business Management (Certificate)

Today’s ever changing business environment requires individuals at all levels of business to possess a variety of business and teamwork skills. The Business Management Certificate is intended for learners seeking business credentials that can be put to immediate, practical use. The coursework implements real life projects and assignments designed to allow learners to develop business skills employers are seeking for supervisory and first-line management roles in business, nonprofits, and government. The group project environment equips students with the ability to enhance their teamwork and project skills.

For those hoping to ultimately enroll in an associate degree, this program provides a stackable credential into business degree options.

Requirements & Course Sequence

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic management and leadership principles
  2. Develop various business documents and plans in simulated projects
  3. Collect and critically analyze data and information to be applied to business scenarios
  4. Present project and research findings in written and verbal presentations

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