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Attention GED® test-takers: Adults who take the GED® test on computer are scoring higher and finishing faster. In fact, 88% of people passed the GED® test on computer compared to 71% for those who tested on paper.

We’re so confident you’ll do well that if you don’t pass your first GED® test subject on computer, GED Testing Service will pay for your second shot! It’s that simple. You pass or they pay. Visit GEDtestingservice.com/secondshot to learn more.

GED 2012 Graduate EuniceYour future is calling.  By completing the GED® test, you can answer the call.

Complete the GED® test, and then go on to college, a better job, the respect you deserve, and the accomplishment of earning your high school diploma.

If you have already started the GED® test, you're almost there.  Starting in 2014, there is a new GED®  test. If you finish now, you won't have to repeat the sections you have already passed.

The GED® Test is now available on computer. Paper based scores cannot be combined with computer based scores.

The GED® battery consists of 5 tests, including Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math.  The cost for testing is $27 per test or $135 for the battery.

If you are 18 and older and would like to take the test, you can register online here:


Finish Faster with GED® Testing on Computer

Success is just clicks away!™ Now you can take the GED® test on computer at Pennsylvania Highlands and get a better job, go to college, and earn more money. In 2012, we launched the GED® test on computer and students are finishing faster and scoring higher on the computer. See for yourself!

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Contact the Student Success Center at 814.262.6451 for more information.
Register online at http://www.GEDcomputer.com. For information about the GED test, as well as tutorials for the GED® test on computer, please go to:


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