• College welcomes Community to view new Huntingdon Center

    Posted August 18, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Pennsylvania Highlands Community College welcomed the Huntingdon County community to its permanent location at 6311 Margy Drive with a public reception held on Wednesday, August 17. Approximately 100 residents attended the reception to tour the new state-of-the-art facility and learn more about the College’s anticipated impact on Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.

    Pennsylvania Highlands made an initial investment of over $400,000 to renovate the space and purchase the equipment necessary to operate the facility. The College will work to improve educational opportunities for students throughout Huntingdon and the surrounding region by offering coursework in Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Education and General Studies.

    “We are very excited to be in our new permanent location” said Dr. Walter Asonevich, President of Pennsylvania Highlands. “We have been waiting for this day for a few years now and being able to share it with the entire community makes it even more special.”

    Members of the College’s Advisory Council, which is comprised of Huntingdon County business, education and community leaders, assisted in finding a suitable location for the Center while providing valuable input regarding the specific educational needs of the Huntingdon County community. “We are especially blessed in Huntingdon County to have Pennsylvania Highlands Community College under the visionary leadership of Dr. Asonevich,” said Ellis Griffith, Huntingdon Advisory Council member. “The Pennsylvania Highlands leadership team has been responsible for opening career doors to opportunities for our students heretofore not available in our area.”

  • College signs Agreement with State Fire Commissioner to become an Educational Training Agency

    Posted June 9, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Dr. Walter J. Asonevich, President of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and Edward A. Mann, Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner, have signed an agreement permitting Pennsylvania Highlands to become an Educational Training Agency (ETA) under the State Fire Academy’s system.

    “Pennsylvania Highlands is thrilled to take yet another step in our ongoing effort to serve the community in every way possible.” said Dr. Asonevich. “This will enable us to expand our public safety offerings to include the Academy’s comprehensive curriculum of basic and mid-level fire, rescue, hazardous material, officer development and fire department management courses deliverable to firefighters through county and local fire department programs”.

    The Local Level Fire Training Program is the oldest form of organized fire/rescue training conducted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; dating back to the 1930’s. This training continues to strive toward increasing the emergency responder’s effectiveness by centering training on local needs and using local equipment and apparatus. Another key role for the Academy is the development and accreditation of Local Level Instructors. This ensures that a qualified cadre of instructors is available for the ETA’s to use to deliver these courses.

    “Relationships with local Community Colleges are crucial to the Academy’s ability to provide affordable and relevant training for our local fire fighters and rescue workers,” said Commissioner Mann. “I applaud Pennsylvania Highlands for their willingness to become a part of this process.”

    Pennsylvania Highlands also provides EMS training throughout the Southern Alleghenies via a partnership with the Southern Alleghenies EMS Council. This includes First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician Bridge training. Beginning with the Fall 2011 semester, the College will also offer an Emergency Vehicle Driver training course.

  • Announcing the Dean’s List for Spring 2011

    Posted May 31, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is proud to announce that the following students have made the Dean’s List for the Spring 2011 semester.

    Altoona: Edward Eckles, Joseph O’Leary, Zachary Sample

    Armagh: Joseph Kendrick, Michael Kress

    Ashville: Brent Marra, Nicholas Mishock

    Boswell: Emily Spory, Tammy Zeek

    Cairnbrook: Sheila Fama

    Carrolltown: Sharon Krumenacker

    Central City: Heather Gogo, Zane Hunter

    Cherry Tree: Emily D. Ross

    Colver: Janette Thompson

    Conemaugh: Theresa Frankofsky, Ashley Gwinn, Matthew Terchanik

    Corry: Erik Simmonsen

    Cresson: Abby Bono, Ally Bono, Marsue Glenn, Sharon Grice, Kaitlin Harris, Rachel McCloskey, Adam Rieg, Justin Trybus

    Curryville: Tara Sollenberger

    Davidsville: Alyssa Hoffman, Joshua Stine, Jennifer Yoder

    Ebensburg: Jody Burkhardt, Melissa Dillon, Allison Edmiston, Melissa Jackowski, Daniel Ledwich, Lisa Oyaski, Corey Pauley, John Tanish, Shannon Urbain, Christopher Wilson, Michael Young

    Elmora: April Lane, Julie Lane, Renee Vallery

    Emporium: Emily Wolfel

    Fairview: Steven Nemeth

    Gallitzin: Richard Berkheimer

    Gray: Hope Ickes, Anthony Maust

    Hastings: Ashley Burkey, Courtney Dibble, Pamela Holtz

    Hesston: Jessica Reffner

    Hollidaysburg: Richard Harp

    Hollsopple: Paul Boyer, Adam Kazmierczyk, Timothy Lonas, Adam Naugle, Mallory Ott

    Hooversville: Laura Krouse

    Hummelstown: Matthew Whetstone

    Huntingdon: Byron Brown

    Jennerstown: Estella Shaffer

    Jerome: Justin Miller

    Johnstown: Rachel Adams, Carl Ambroe, Bobby Andrews, Peter Ankney, Sheila Antal, Eric Bader, Nicole Bailey, Andrea Berzinsky, Ryan Browne, Felana Buis, Nicole Chaney, Lori Chesla, Tiffany Chucklochak, Angelita Clark, Patricia Cochran, Lindsey Colvin, Brandon Cook, Ashley Crowe, Sarah Debose, Joseph Eger, Amanda Fitz, Tyler Flecker, Chris Freshour, Anthony Furfari, Marcus Gaunt, Daniel Gdula, Jennifer Gearty, Nidhi Govil, Stephanie Greenwood, Raghida Haidar, Jacques Harris, Haley Helmick, Isaac Helms, Diane Hormel, Kira Hovanec, Angela Jackson, Janeen James, Raymond Jastrzab, Teresa Jerome, Melissa Johns, Leslie Johnson, Edward Jordan, Amanda Jorinscay, Jonathan Jubin, Tatiyana Kern, Sara Khalil, Melissa Kibler, Kristen Kusch, Dina Lalumiere, Kathrn Lauf, Stephanie Lavely, Jonathan Little, Vincente Lorenzo, John MacEwan, Kristin MacEwan, Latrice Mack, Cody Mardis, Jill Marsh, Devon Marshall, Nicole Martin, Katlyn Mastovich, Karen McAleer, Bonny Michael, Nova Mihelic, Theresa Molnar, Lindsey Moore, Deborah Morgan, Daryl Mucker, Jason Nagle, David Nathaniel, Brittni Naugle, Katherine Nayock, Kara Niessner, Elizabeth Pelow, Monica Reffner, Shannon Ribblett, Sean Sabo, Jessica Salvia, Derek Schalk, April Sedei, Jamie Sendek, Abbigayle Shroyer, William Sievers, Crystal Simms, Chelsea Smith, Erica Solt, MaKayla Sral, Aaron Stonecypher, Karen Stoykovich, Brenda Valentine, Ruby Villarreal Johnny Walylko, Jessica Way, Donell Williams, Takeisha Wilson, Dorothy Wyatt, Derek Yerty, Zeno Zimmer

    Lilly: Amy Cropsey, Stuart Custer, Brandon Lanzendorfer, Carrie Martynuska, Nellie May, Nicholas Stauski, Emily Steberger

    McVeytown: Chad Clemens

    Mineral Point: Kayla Getz, Nastya Pennington, Danielle Peruso

    Mohrsville: Cody Frick

    Nanty Glo: Adam Davidson, Jamie Dugan, Brittany Lonesky, Lee Anne Popich

    New Florence: Danielle Barger, Toni Heming

    Nicktown: Joshua Dumm, Kimber Stoltz, Kristin Stoltz, Paige Younger

    Northern Cambria: Jessica Biter, Stephanie R. Paronish, Danielle L. Pearce, Jamie Treese

    Patton: Elizabeth Orr, Tina Woodley

    Portage: Ryan Bednarski, Jessica Boreck, Erin Bouch, Nicole Crum, Jacob, Franey, Joelle Franey, Justin Hazlett, Renee Irwin, Kaley Lucas, Laura Maul, Amanda Penrod, Cory Shoff, Linda Squillario, Tyler Troxel, Sarah Wagner

    Reading: Fraser Clements

    Revloc: Mitchell Blackwell, Eden Lasinsky

    Salix: Amanda Cononie, Mary Lohr

    Shirleysburg: Shanee Hockenberry

    Sidman: Jared Baxter, Matthew Leach

    Somerset: Kayla Barnick, Tiara D’Amour, Justin Flecker, Robert Kinsinger, Jennie R. Pyle

    South Fork: Mitchell Brewer, Sadie Kosaber, Sally Martin, Michael G. Middleton, Christopher Moss, Kimberly Myers, Robert Ressler

    Stoystown: Cole Corbett, Brianna Will

    Summerhill: Julian Chimelewski, Kelly Johnson, Ashley Kordish, Brian Motchenbaugh, Matthew Penatzer

    Vintondale: Teresa L. Shestak

    Westover: Korenna L. Sral

    Windber: Mark Bates, Shannah Brutz, Jennifer Heinrich, Justin, Heinrich, Jennifer Horner,
    Marianna Kloster-Malmed, Emily Russell, Britny Sarver, Robert Seese, Carol Strapple, Chelsea Whistler, Eric Yost

    Youngsville: Nathan Byler

  • Phi Theta Kappa announces Spring 2011 Induction Class

    Posted May 3, 2011 at 11:00 am

    The Beta Epsilon Omega Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is proud to announce their Spring 2011 Induction Class. With this class, Beta Epsilon Omega inducted sixty-one new members into the prestigious international honor society.

    Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of the two-year college. The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming.

    The sixty-one new inductees are:

    Armagh – Joseph Kendrick

    Cresson – Kaitlin Harris

    Curryville – Tara Sollenberger

    Davidsville – Jennifer Yoder

    Ebensburg – Mega Dospoy, Daniel Ledwich

    Elmora – April Lane, Julie Lane

    Hastings – Ashley Burkey, Randi McCall

    Johnstown – Eric Bader, Carl Black, Tiffany Chuklochak, Nidhi Govil, Sean Graham, Diane Hormel, Rachel Hormel, Amanda Jorinscay, Kristin MacEwan, Katlyn Mastovich, Diana Melusky-Brewer, Bonny Michael, Emily Mihalacki, Jill Mock, Natalie Moldofsky, Kaylee Moore, Monica Reffner, Evelyn Samuel, April Sedei, Danielle Shovlin, Karen Stoykovich, Dorothy Wyatt, Randi Yingling

    Kanter – PamelaSturtz

    Lilly – Stuart Custer

    Mcveytown – Shanee Hockenberry

    Mineral Point – Danielle Peruso

    Nanty Glo – Lee Anne Popich

    New Florence – Toni Heming

    Northern Cambria – Jessica Biter, Tara Lombardo, Andrew Raehl

    Patton – Elizabeth Orr

    Portage – Erin Bouch, Renee Irwin, Meagan Lamar, Samuel Lamar, Kaley Lucas, Linda Squillario, Sarah Wagner

    Salix – Tessa Barnouski

    Seward – Carrie Kime

    Somerset – Jennie Pyle

    South Fork – Sally Martin, Kimberly Myers, Robert Ressler

    Tire Hill – Shea Vanfossen

    Twin Rocks – Darren Bencosky

    Windber – Jennifer Heinrich, Jennifer Horner, Tonya Stigers

  • College signs lease for new Huntingdon Center facility.

    Posted April 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Pennsylvania Highlands Community College has signed a lease with DB Miller Incorporated, which will create a permanent location for the College’s Huntingdon Center. “This is something the College has been focusing on for over a year” said Dr. Walter Asonevich, President of Pennsylvania Highlands. “We are very excited to have a permanent home in Huntingdon”. The College has been providing classes in various locations throughout Huntingdon County since fall 2009.

    Renovations on a section of the building located at 6311 Margy Drive will begin before the end of the year and the College plans to move in to the location in late spring of 2011.

    Members of the College’s Advisory Board, which is comprised of Huntingdon County business, education, and community leaders, assisted in finding a suitable location for the Center. Dr. Asonevich recognized the value of having such a Board advise the College’s leaders on the educational needs of Huntingdon County. “We understand that the needs in this Center may differ from the needs at our other locations. That is why having input from a local Advisory Board is so critical.”

    Dr. Asonevich also acknowledged the commitment of DB Miller Incorporated in making the Huntingdon Center a reality. “The Miller family has been so supportive of our efforts. They have embraced this project from the start and we feel very fortunate to be working with them.”