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Winter Session Offers Five Class Options

Posted October 31, 2023 at 1:14 pm

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College will be offering five different class options for students during the College’s Winter Session, which spans four weeks from December 18 to January 12. 

Classes that will be offered include Academic & Career Planning, Public Speaking, College Algebra, Probability & Statistics, and General Psychology. With Penn Highlands currently holding articulation agreements with more than 40 schools, credits earned through these winter session classes will be easy to transfer to other colleges. All class options will be offered online.  

“The opportunity to take classes during the winter session is great for students because it can help them stay on track, get ahead, or keep momentum going towards completing their major,” stated Michelle Stumpf, Dean of Enrollment & Registrar at Penn Highlands. “All five classes are good for our students, as well as students who are visiting from other colleges that need to pick up an elective.” 

Current Penn Highlands students can register for the winter classes, while new students can enroll on November 1. The registration period closes on Friday, December 15. 

Before registering for the classes, new and guest students must apply. Penn Highlands students can enroll in the classes via the myPEAK portal. All students are limited to one class (or three credits) for the Winter Session. 

Winter Classes