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Hunter Connor


  • Hunter Connor

    Posted July 2, 2023 at 3:58 pm

    Penn Highlands Community College gave Hunter Connor the path forward that he wanted. He was able to earn a degree debt-free while maintaining a full-time job throughout his studies. By attending Penn Highlands, he built a strong foundation for his education and career path.

    “My journey to becoming a state agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania began when I decided to attend Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. Affordability, convenience, and flexibility were just a few of the attractive features that made my decision an easy one. Receiving the College-Sponsored Scholarship also allowed me to attend free of financial burden.

    The atmosphere at Penn Highlands is second-to-none. The small class sizes made it easy to connect with passionate faculty and ambitious peers. Growth, opportunity, and inclusion are all at the forefront when you step on campus. The close relationships formed with students and the region truly make Penn Highlands “the community’s” college.

    At Penn Highlands, I was able to earn a degree debt-free while maintaining a full-time job throughout my studies. By attending Penn Highlands, I built a strong foundation for my education and career path. I now have a master’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies and a thriving career.

    To this day, Penn Highlands continues to adapt and mold to the needs of the community. No matter your background, Penn Highlands can equip you with the tools necessary to succeed in the workforce. My name is Hunter Connor, and this is my story.

    – Hunter Connor, Criminal Justice Graduate

    Hunter Connor
    Graduate // Criminal Justice
  • Michaela Detwiler

    Posted June 1, 2023 at 2:36 pm

    Michaela Detwiler is a single mother of two daughters who excelled while attending Penn Highlands. Penn Highlands was close to home and affordable, allowing Michaela to raise her family while getting the education she deserved and not having to worry about financial burdens.

    “Pennsylvania Highlands offered the convenience and affordability I needed to not only focus on my studies, but to also raise my family. I knew that I wanted to stay close to home as I pursued a degree.

    At Penn Highlands, you’re more than just a number; you’re family. Penn Highlands prepared me to immediately enter the workforce and move forward with my education. I have always loved learning, but Penn Highlands showed me another side that I never experienced before.

    This experience, along with my daughters, has motivated me to earn a master’s degree. If you are considering attending Penn Highlands, stop considering and make the choice. You won’t regret it. My name is Michaela Detwiler, and this is my story.”

    – Michaela Detwiler, Graduate

    Michaela Detwiler
    Graduate // Business Management
  • Adrianna Farrell

    Posted May 31, 2023 at 2:54 pm

    Penn Highlands Community College changed Adrianna’s life in many ways. She met people that will forever be her friends and that will always have her back. Penn Highlands was a stepping stone toward her future ambitions, and the College helped her realize what she wanted to do with her life, which is to educate others.

    “One of the best decisions I ever made was attending Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

    After just one class, I knew that I wanted to shape young minds by becoming a teacher. The supportive environment offered by faculty, staff, and administration proved that Penn Highlands is truly invested in my success. Here, I am more than a number.

    Because I chose Penn Highlands, I was able to stay close to home and save money while finding my calling. Now, I will transfer to a four-year university as a junior with little to no debt. I’m Adrianna Farrell, and this is my story.”

    – Adrianna Farrell, Graduate, Student Senate President, & Student Trustee

    Adrianna Farrell
    Graduate // Early Childhood Education
  • Shea Berrier

    Posted May 29, 2023 at 9:04 pm

    Meet Shea Berrier, a student who came to Penn Highlands through the local CareerLink and overcame many obstacles to become a graduate. He realized Pennsylvania Highlands was the right fit because of the quality education, along with the number of transfer agreements offered.

    Penn Highlands changed Shea’s life because it opened doors and allowed him to accomplish many things. He obtained a National Certified Peer Support Specialist certification and a bachelor’s in Behavioral Science with a minor in Social Work. He is currently at the Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships as an Intensive Case Manager who works with the Problem-Solving Courts of Blair County.

    Shea Berrier
    Graduate // Human Services
  • Dontae Lilly

    Posted at 2:39 pm

    Dontae Lilly is a successful graduate of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. He earned his associate degree in Business Management in 2009, and then moved on to complete his bachelor’s degree at Saint Francis University.

    Prior to attending Pennsylvania Highlands, Dontae had a career in the military. After the military, Dontae and his family moved back to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Upon his family’s return to the area, he started visiting local colleges and universities to see what they had to offer, and ended up choosing Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

    “I looked at many colleges in the region, but the comfort I felt while dealing with the staff at Penn Highlands helped make my decision an easy one. They were willing to help translate my military and real-life experience into college credits. As an adult student, Penn Highlands served as a springboard for my post-military career.”

    While attending, Dontae excelled and became President of the Student Government. His leadership shined both in and out of the classroom. Dontae ultimately attributes Pennsylvania Highlands for helping him with his transition from the military into his now successful post-military career.

    Dontae Lilly
    Graduate // Business Management