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Michaela Detwiler

Michaela Detwiler

Posted June 1, 2023 at 2:36 pm

Michaela Detwiler is a single mother of two daughters who excelled while attending Penn Highlands. Penn Highlands was close to home and affordable, allowing Michaela to raise her family while getting the education she deserved and not having to worry about financial burdens.

“Pennsylvania Highlands offered the convenience and affordability I needed to not only focus on my studies, but to also raise my family. I knew that I wanted to stay close to home as I pursued a degree.

At Penn Highlands, you’re more than just a number; you’re family. Penn Highlands prepared me to immediately enter the workforce and move forward with my education. I have always loved learning, but Penn Highlands showed me another side that I never experienced before.

This experience, along with my daughters, has motivated me to earn a master’s degree. If you are considering attending Penn Highlands, stop considering and make the choice. You won’t regret it. My name is Michaela Detwiler, and this is my story.”

– Michaela Detwiler, Graduate

Michaela Detwiler
Graduate // Business Management