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YPA and Career Planning collaborate on Career Closet to help build Success in our Community

Posted April 29, 2015 at 4:09 pm

Thanks to the Young Professionals of the Alleghenies (YPA) organization, 38 Penn Highlands Community College students received complimentary interview attire this past academic year. In addition, YPA’s partnership with the Career Planning and Employer Services Center at Penn Highlands Community College was instrumental in creating the Career Closet.

Director of Career Planning and Employer Services, Larry Brugh, said the collaborative initiative has allowed the College to establish a permanent, year-round resource of new to gently used interview attire for students. “The generosity of the YPA members has assisted students who may have economic hardships or just need an article of appropriate interview attire for a job fair or interview, in a pinch. All students are welcome to utilize the service regardless of circumstance. We are extremely appreciative of the group’s support in providing this regular pipeline of suits, ties, shirts, blouses, belts, and shoes for our students.”

Penn Highlands’ student, Alex Perring, stated, “It gave me a boost in confidence to wear my Career Closet suit at a job fair I recently attended. It set me apart from many students who did not dress up and gave me the reassurance to approach and network with many employers. I am grateful to the Young Professional’s Association for their generosity.”

The Young Professionals of the Alleghenies is a diverse group of individuals that is engaged within the community through a dynamic mix of social, professional, volunteer, and cultural opportunities. YPA takes pride in the Alleghenies and all that it has to offer by promoting businesses, opportunities, and events within the region. YPA serves the community by volunteering to assist with community projects, such as the College’s Career Closet.

“The Young Professionals of the Alleghenies strives to be an influential partner in the community. We are honored to be a partner with Penn Highlands in launching their Career Closet and are thrilled to help students as they embark on their career search,” stated Jennifer Hale Davis, YPA Board Member.

Members of the College and YPA standing in front of the

Standing in front of the Career Closet, pictured left to right: Alex Perring, Penn Highlands Student; Josh Summits, YPA Board Member; Kevin Bean, YPA Board Member; Matt McVicker, YPA Board Member; William Hargreaves, YPA Board Member; Missy LaMonaca, YPA Board Member; R. Patrick Lehman, Penn Highlands Student; Jennifer Hale Davis, YPA Board Member; Jessica Krouse, Penn Highlands Student; Jennifer Biggs, Penn Highlands Student; Mike Hruska, YPA Board Member; tina Gibbons, YPA Board Member; Sandy Schrum, Penn Highlands Faculty Member; Larry Brugh, Penn Highlands Director.