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Three Professors certified as Cybercrime Investigators; look to advance Criminal Justice & Information Technology

Posted February 24, 2017 at 8:25 am

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is proud to announce that three full-time faculty members were recently certified as Cybercrime Investigators by the International Fraternity of Cybercrime Investigators (IFCI). Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Robert Clark, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Kevin Slonka, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  • Mr. Dennis Miller, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

By completing the IFCI-CCI (Certified Cybercrime Investigator) Professional Certification exam, Dr. Slonka, Dr. Clark, and Mr. Miller received in-depth, hands-on technical training from some of the top experts in federal law enforcement, as well as first-class instruction from highly recognized university professors.

The certification process provides training in a myriad of cybercrime topics including – but not limited to – network intrusion, system forensic artifacts, deleted file recovery and file carving, forensic acquisition, memory and malware analysis, and more. Completing the certification program ensures that Dr. Clark, Dr. Slonka, and Mr. Miller have an expertise in all of the previous fields.

Penn Highlands is consistently looking for new and innovate ways to help our region and its population find success in today’s technologically advanced society. These three professors understand the College’s vision and have taken it upon themselves to advance the College’s Criminal Justice and Information Technology degree programs for the success of the students these programs serve.

“Penn Highlands is here to help our community thrive,” stated Trish Corle, Vice President of Student Services. “Our faculty members have a clear understanding of how changes within industry demand a response in the classroom. This represents a forward-thinking approach to higher education that speaks volumes about their commitment to students and their discipline.”

To help better serve our community and our students, Penn Highlands has expanded our Information Technology program into three separate tracks under the leadership of Dr. Slonka: Cyber Security, Network Administration, and Server Administration. All three tracks are designed to prepare students to enter the workforce immediately in any number of entry-level positions.

Our Criminal Justice degrees are built for students to either immediately enter the workforce or to easily transfer to a four-year institution with junior standing. Students have found success in many fields through our program – from the police force to crime statistics analysts and more.

About the International Fraternity of Cybercrime Investigators
The U.S. Department of Justice recognizes cybercrime as one of the biggest threats facing our nation’s security, prosperity and safety — and it’s not a threat that will simply go away. At IFCI, our mission is to equip highly skilled analysts and investigators to combat this threat both in the U.S. and abroad.


From Left to Right: Mr. Dennis Miller, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice; Dr. Kevin Slonka, Assistant Professor, Computer Science; Dr. Robert Clark, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice and Social Sciences.