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New 3+1 Transfer Agreement with Saint Francis University Provides A Clear Path For Accounting Students

Posted April 24, 2023 at 9:06 am

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is proud to announce a new articulation agreement with Saint Francis University, which will allow accounting students to earn their bachelor’s degree through a 3+1 program path.

This agreement replaces the previous 2+2 accounting articulation agreement between Saint Francis University and Penn Highlands. Under the new agreement, students will complete three years of coursework at Penn Highlands Community College before transferring to Saint Francis University for their final year.

“Saint Francis University continues to be a great educational partner with Pennsylvania Highlands Community College,” stated Dr. Steve Nunez, President of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. “This articulation agreement, as do many others with Saint Francis, provides a seamless and efficient pathway for Penn Highlands students to transfer to Saint Francis University.”

Students who have already completed two years of coursework in the 2+2 framework will have the option to follow the new 3+1 path. This articulation agreement takes effect for both new and current students starting with the Fall 2023 semester.

“Articulation agreements like these provide more opportunities for the residents of central Pennsylvania to complete their bachelor’s degree without ever leaving the region,” continued Dr. Nunez.

Rev. Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D, Saint Francis University President added, “We are thrilled to announce the establishment of an articulation agreement that creates a clear academic roadmap for students pursuing an accounting degree. This partnership between our institution and Penn Highlands Community College will provide students with a streamlined transfer process and access to valuable resources and support as they work towards achieving their academic and career goals in accounting. We are excited to see the impact this agreement will have on the success of students and the accounting profession as a whole.”

Not only will students earn a bachelor’s degree from a top-tier institution like Saint Francis University, but they will receive additional savings by having their costs of three years match up with tuition and fees at their local, fully accredited community college.

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