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New Simulation Lab Benefits Student Experience In Healthcare Programs

Posted April 25, 2018 at 9:05 am

Healthcare faculty and their students are celebrating an addition to their learning experience with a brand new simulation lab. This lab will benefit students in various current and forthcoming healthcare programs at Penn Highlands Community College, including Medical Assisting Technology and Pharmacy Technician.

A simulation lab replicates many healthcare environments such as a doctor’s office. Simulations done through this lab will allow students to role-play and act out situations they may encounter in the healthcare industry.

The new lab at Penn Highlands consists of many essential supplies and equipment. This includes EKG machines, venipuncture training arms, vital signs equipment, a pulmonary function monitor, infant mannequins and scales, a surgical skills trainer kit, infection control supplies and personal protective equipment, respiratory supplies, assistive devices (wheelchair, crutches, walker, cane), and so much more.

Students will be able to practice and perfect their skills in a safe and controlled environment. The simulation lab will help students learn to avoid medication errors, develop critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills, promote effective communication, and encourage teamwork.

“Our Medical Assisting students have waited patiently for this wonderful opportunity, and we are very grateful for the generosity of those that have contributed to the enhancement of our students’ learning experience,” stated Tammy Calpin, Assistant Professor of Medical Assisting Technology and Practicum Coordinator at Penn Highlands.

Fellow faculty member Gaynelle Schmieder, Associate Professor of Health Care Professions and Health Sciences Department Chair, shared her excitement for the college’s addition.

“This new Health Sciences simulation lab will have a positive impact on technological advancements in learning for years to come,” said Schmieder. “I’m so excited because of the impact it will have for both our current and future students.”

The Lee Initiatives Grant provided partial funding for the simulation lab. Currently, the Richland Campus is the only college facility to house a simulation lab, but plans are in the works to bring a similar simulation lab to the Penn Highlands Blair Center in the near future.

Faculty, staff, and students unveiling the new simulation lab at the Penn Highlands Richland Campus.