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College partners with Goodwill to offer The Helms Academy, a no cost Educational Option for Adults

Posted July 20, 2016 at 4:55 pm

Through an innovative partnership, Goodwill Industries of the Conemaugh Valley, Inc. and Pennsylvania Highlands Community College proudly introduce the establishment of The Helms Academy, a no-cost community-based educational option for adults 18 and older, who have left traditional secondary education and are unable to return due to age or financial circumstances, to earn high school diplomas/GEDs and college credits. College courses are also open to individuals who already have their high school diplomas/GEDs. Limited enrollment is now open and applications will be accepted through August 15th. Classes begin August 29th.

Named after Edgar J. Helms, the founder of the Goodwill movement in 1902, The Helms Academy provides adult general education development, work-readiness, job development and placement, and wrap-around services resulting in a Commonwealth High School Diploma, dual-earned college credits, and access to financial aid resources for further education and employment. Classes will be held at the Goodwill Career Center located at the Goodwill Industries Headquarters, 540 Central Avenue in the Moxham section of Johnstown.

Applicants will participate in an intensive intake that consists of assessments, career counseling, and the provision of pertinent labor market information, especially the requirements and wages of high-priority occupations in our region. Assessment results (reading/math levels, barriers-to-success inventory, interviewing, and career interest surveys) guide the individual’s service strategy plan. All students will be provided with a life coach who will guide and connect them to community resources such as transportation and child care. In addition, the following programs and services will be made available to students in The Helms Academy at no cost to the students: college-readiness, assessment, basic skills instruction, tutoring, life coaching, computer-based instruction, college credit courses, flexibility, career exploration and preparation, job development and placement, and college counseling.

To ensure the sustainability of The Helms Academy to serve current and future needs of the Greater Johnstown area, the partners will leverage public, private, self-funded, and in-kind support.

Classes begin August 29. The deadline for applications is no later than August 15. For more information on The Helms Academy and to complete an application, visit http://www.gogoodwill.org/. Applications may also be obtained at the Goodwill Industries Headquarters at 540 Central Avenue, Johnstown.

For questions, contact Ann Torledsky, Goodwill’s Vice President of Workforce Development, at 814.536.3536 ext. 230 or atorled@goodwilljohnstown.org.