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Forging Classes Now Offered In Partnership With The Center For Metal Arts

Posted April 5, 2022 at 8:07 am

Beginning this August, through a collaboration with the Center for Metal Arts, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College will be offering four courses in the forging craft.

Throughout the development of humankind, forging has played an important role in the advancement of society and technology. Despite “blacksmithing” being an ancient craft, it has ushered us into and through the industrial revolution, and it is still being performed on an industrial scale today. Few things have had a stronger impact than the creation and use of tools, the discovery of metals, and the forging process.

While forging classes can be taken on their own, the forging classes offered through Penn Highlands serve as technical electives within the College’s Entrepreneurship (A.A.S.) degree. This means that a student enrolled in forging can use the course credits they earned towards an associate degree designed to help individuals start a business.

Forging classes include:

  • Introduction to Forging (FRG 101)
  • Intermediate Forging I: Power Hammer (FRG 150)
  • Intermediate Forging II: Joinery (FRG 200)
  • Advanced Forging: Design and Execution (FRG 250)

All forging classes will be held at the Center for Metal Arts, located in downtown Johnstown at 106 Iron Street, Johnstown, PA 15906. The Center for Metal Arts believes in preserving and growing the history and craft of high-quality forged ironwork and offering a world-class environment for learning.

These classes aim to give students a hands-on experience in the craft of forging. Starting with the basics, students receive a solid foundation on which to grow their skills and forging practice. By the end of all four classes, students are focused on design, the aspect of the craft that creates the most attractive and functional forge work. Design and execution work together hand in hand, creating harmony and some of the most striking and innovative forge work.

Skills learned in these classes will help successful students start their own businesses, add forging components to an existing business, or will translate to any other hands-on job.

Contact a Penn Highlands Admissions Representative at 814.262.6446 to learn more.