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Endowed Scholarship coming to Huntingdon

Posted August 11, 2014 at 11:24 am

Huntingdon businessman Dale W. Miller has created the first endowed scholarship for the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Huntingdon Center. The endowment will provide an annual scholarship for a student attending the Penn Highlands Huntingdon Center.

Mr. Miller has worked closely with the College since the Huntingdon Center’s inception in 2008, providing and renovating space for its operation and working with other community leaders to ensure that the College had everything necessary to be successful.

“I am not sure how we can ever thank Dale enough for all that he has done for the College,” said Penn Highlands President, Dr. Walter Asonevich. “He sees education as a vital component of any community’s growth and success, and through this endowment has once again made a personal commitment to Huntingdon County.”

For the past 63 years, Mr. Miller has owned and operated D. W. Miller, Inc., a highway construction company. Under Dale’s strong leadership, this company has grown into a very successful business, providing jobs for as many as 300 employees throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Dale takes great pride in knowing that his businesses have provided job opportunities for so many people and this was always a driving factor in his willingness to continue seeking to offer new and innovative products and services.

Since the company’s inception, D. W. Miller, Inc. has been responsible for building and repairing bridges, as well as constructing culverts and inlets. Currently, the business specializes in the installation of raised pavement markers.

As a U.S. Army veteran, Dale has also used his knowledge and expertise to help his community by serving on the boards of the Huntingdon School Board, First National Bank of Mapleton Bank, and the Central Mellon Bank. Dale’s philanthropic endeavors have also included the donation of land to the Huntingdon School District, McConnellstown Fire Co., and Walker Township.

Ellis Griffith, a retired local educator and Pennsylvania Highlands Huntingdon County Advisory Council member, shared his thoughts regarding Dale’s commitment to Penn Highlands and the community, “Dale has been a genuine leader for the Community College in terms of providing excellent facilities from the outset and continues to support all of the essential components to ascertain success for the school currently and into the future. Dale has always been a champion for the cause of providing affordable post-secondary education within the local area.”

Pennsylvania Highlands will serve over 100 full and part-time students in the Fall 2014 semester, as well as providing concurrent enrollment programming in all four Huntingdon County school districts through the College’s Accelerated College Education (ACE) program.