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Police Academy Accepts Donated Police Cruiser

Posted April 19, 2023 at 8:25 am

This is the donated police cruiser by the South Fork Borough Police Department to the Penn Highlands Police Academy. April 2023.

The South Fork Borough Police Department recently donated a fully functional, out of service police cruiser to the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Police Academy (Penn Highlands Police Academy) in an effort to support the training and education of future law enforcement officers.

With this donation, the Penn Highlands Police Academy will be better able to provide additional hands-on training to cadets in a real-world setting. This will help prepare them for the many challenges and situations they will face in their careers.

This donation will not only benefit the Penn Highlands Police Academy, but it will also enhance public safety by helping to produce well-trained and prepared law enforcement officers.

“We are grateful to the South Fork Borough Police Department for this generous donation,” said Dennis Miller, Penn Highlands Police Academy Director. “This police cruiser will provide our cadets with invaluable training and hands-on experience that will prepare the next generation of police officers.”

The Penn Highlands Police Academy is an essential institution that provides comprehensive training to individuals who aspire to become law enforcement officers. It instills future officers with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to serve and protect their communities.

Click here for more information about the Police Academy at Penn Highlands Community College.