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New Certificates In Criminal Justice & Culinary Arts Added

Posted April 8, 2024 at 2:07 pm

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College has announced the addition of new Criminal Justice and Culinary Arts certificates. Both are set to start with the Fall 2024 semester. 

The Culinary Arts program consists of eight classes, with seven of them taking place at the College’s new Center for Culinary Excellence in downtown Johnstown. This cutting-edge facility is furnished with high-quality equipment, offering students a valuable hands-on learning experience. 

The Culinary Arts program extends over three semesters and totals 23 credits. The in-person courses can be taken in different combinations, including four classes in the first semester, two in the second semester, and two in the third semester.  

Students will be prepared for entry-level and management positions within the food service industry. They will receive a general business management foundation and advanced culinary skills that can be applied to future employment.  

“If you have a passion for food, adding culinary knowledge and skills to your degree can help diversify your skill set and make you more desirable to industry employers,” stated Megan Adams-West, Culinary Arts Program Coordinator. “This program is designed for individuals who aim to possess an associate degree and have a serious interest in advancing their culinary knowledge.” 

The Criminal Justice program is designed to be completed in one year, consisting of 18 credits. Students will take three classes each semester.  

Students will be prepared for an entry-level position in any of the three criminal justice components – law enforcement, courts, and corrections. It provides students with classes designed to introduce them to each component of the criminal justice system with an emphasis on how these components relate to, interact with, and complement one another while seeking public safety and equal justice for society. 

A Criminal Justice certificate can also be earned by graduating from the Pennsylvania Highlands Police Academy. 

“The new certificate is a viable option for those students looking to learn various skills necessary to enter entry-level work in the criminal justice system or having a desire to find out about the educational aspects of the criminal justice system,” stated Dr. Robert M. Clark, Professor of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences. “This certificate is an excellent pathway to numerous opportunities within the system or to apply the credits into our Criminal Justice associate degree program.” 

Both certificates can be applied toward earning an associate degree within similar programs of study.  

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