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Blair Students participated in Clean Up of Altoona

Posted April 10, 2017 at 10:00 am

On Saturday, April 8th, students from the Pennsylvania Highlands Blair Center participated in a spring cleanup of a key thoroughfare in the City of Altoona. The intersections of 6th & 7th avenues with 7th & 8th streets are high traffic areas and are often the first to be seen by visitors and tourists.

Members of the Blair Center Student Activities Club swept remnants of this winter’s road treatments from the sidewalks in addition to gathering trash and debris in conjunction with the City of Altoona’s Public Works Department. Students arrived at these intersections around 8:00am, and continued to clear the area until noon.

Participants of Altoona Clean Up (L to R): Jen Daniels (Community Volunteer), Jenda Sible, Tracey McClellan and daughter, Rachel and Aaron Bakaysa, John Donnelly (AASD School Board President), Keith Bryant, Matthew Pacifico (Mayor of the City of Altoona), Joseph Eckels (Big A Booster Club President), Rebecca Rago, and Julie Patosky (Blair Center Director).