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Mastering Conflict Through Self-Awareness

Mastering Conflict Through Self-Awareness


February 16, 2021    
9:00 am - 11:00 am

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Self-awareness is crucial to conflict management. In those moments when stakes are high, opinions differ, and emotions are at full play, being aware of and knowing yourself can make the difference between resolution and escalation. People who are keenly self-aware know how to recognize hot buttons in themselves and others and how to craft their messages in a conflict to make changes and to build on areas of strength as well as identify areas where we would like to make improvements. Topics include:

  • Conflict styles
  • Challenging conversations
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Attitudes
  • Remote work fatigue
  • Personalities
  • Emotional responses
  • Financial anxiety
  • Job security
  • Coping with change

Instructor: Corey Christman, Penn Highlands Adjunct, CEO, Vethos, LLC

Workshop Dates: February 16 & February 18 from 9-11am

*Deadline to register: February 12th

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