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  Asonevich, Walter, President   814.262.3820
  Bailey, Anthony, Huntingdon Center Assistant   814.643.6200
  Banks, Kathleen, KEYS Grant Coordinator   814.262.6465
  Bausher, Ruth, Campus Receptionist   814.262.6400
  Beamer, Scott, Admissions Coordinator   814.262.6450
  Bender, Jacqueline, Site Director Assistant, Somerset   814.443.2500
  Boast, Gary, Associate Dean of Institutional Research   814.262.6483
  Boyle, Daun, Assistant to the VP of Student Services   814.262.6455
  Bowser, Adam, Director, Somerset Center   814.443.2522
  Brewer, Brenda, Somerset Center Assistant   814.443.2500
  Brownlee, Reb, Director of Facilities Operations   814.262.3842
  Brugh, Larry, Associate Dean of Career Services and Workforce Education   814.262.3849
  Brugh, Sue, Director of Student Activities and Athletics   814.262.6463
  Bukoski, Richard, Instructor, Communication and Media Studies   814.262.6493
  Buseck, Pamela, Blair Center Assistant   814.201.2700
  Byers, Tiffany, Human Resources Generalist    814.262.3848
  Calpin, Tammy, Instructor, Medical Assisting/Practicum Coordinator
  Clark, Robert, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice and Social Sciences   814.262.6409
  Corle, Trish, Vice President of Student Services   814.262.3841
  Cramer, John, Security Officer, Part Time   814.471.0016
  Crawford, Timothy, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Csehoski, Stephen, Assistant Professor, Building Systems/Construction Technology   814.262.6406
  Danchanko, Marilyn, Professor, Mathematics   814.262.6410
  Davis, Julie, Workforce Education Manager   814.262.3813
  Dibert, Cregg, Director of Security and Safety   814.262.3837
  Donahue, Lorraine, Vice President of Finance and Administration   814.262.3822
  Ebberts, Judith, Interim Director of Financial Aid   814.262.6454
  Eckels, Heather, Assistant Center Director, Blair & Huntington   814.201.2700
  Eckenrode, Vicky, Ebensburg Center Assistant   814.471.0010
  Edmiston, Kathleen, Assistant to the VP of Finance and Administration   814.262.3810
  Elias-Shaffer, Anna, Academic Advising Coordinator   814.262.6457
  Errett, Daniella, Associate Professor, Human Services   814.262.6489
  Facciani, Theresa, Site Director Assistant, Ebensburg   814.471.0012
  Fairman, Cory, Assistant Director of Security and Safety   814.262.6427
  Fisher, Susan, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources   814.262.3833
  Gerko, Danielle, Chief Information Officer   814.262.3825
  Gleto, Kali, Financial Aid Assistant   814.262.6480
  Goch, Jacob, Academic Instruction Secretary   814.262.6486
  Gracey, Marissa, Director, Huntingdon Center   814.506.8318
  Gyurik, Mark, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Haberkorn, Tim, Assistant Director of Admissions   814.262.6432
  Hall, Bridget, Counselor   814.262.6467
  Hanley, Melissa, Assistant Registrar   814.262.6495
  Hasse, Heidi, Assistant Bursar   814.262.6478
  Hattaway, Mary C., Assistant Director of Financial Aid   814.262.6435
  Hughes, Robin, Instructor, Mathematics   814.262.6412
  Hunt, Sue, Payroll Accountant   814.262.3817
  Irvin, Catherine, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Jones, Craig, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Kapello, John, Maintenance Mechanic   814.262.3827
  Kiel, Ashlee, Reference Services Assistant   814.262.6400
  Kirby, Alexander, Information and eLearning Librarian   814.262.6484
  Kyler, Eileen, Library Clerk   814.262.6458
  Langerholc, Wayne, Jr., Head Coach, Men's & Women's Cross Country   814.262.6463
  Lapinsky, Jon, Help Desk Technician   814.262.3851
  Lee, Mary Ann, Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs and Student Services   814.262.6475
  Lint, Chris, Associate Professor, Basic Communication Skills   814.262.6424
  Long, Cheryl, Huntingdon Center Assistant   814.643.6200
  Loya, Landon, Student Activities Coordinator / Head Women's Volleyball Coach / Head Men's Basketball Coach   814.262.3839
  Lucas, Michael, Counselor/ADA Specialist   814.262.6468
  Madison, Yvette, Associate Professor, Human Services   814.262.6408
  Maksymik, Michelle, Executive Assistant to the President's Office   814.262.6448
  Malzi, Kay-Leigh, Assistant Director, School Partnership   814.262.3859
  Manda, MichaelLecturer, Medical Coding and Health Information Technology   814.262.6496
  Marlowe, James, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Maul, Jeff, Director of Admissions   814.262.6431
  McCabe, Cynthia, Associate Dean of Curriculum and Continuing Education   814.262.6477
  McCool, Sean, Marketing Specialist   814.262.3818
  McCurdy, Mary Ann, Associate Professor, Mathematics   814.262.6447
  McDevitt, Jeannine, Associate Professor, English   814.262.6421
  Miller, Dennis, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice   814.262.6443
  Mishler, Nicole, Help Desk Technician   814.262.3857
  Mitchell, Jill, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences   814.262.6487
  Moyer, Cara, Academic and Career Counselor   814.262.3844
  Murray, Melissa, Associate Vice President of External Affairs   814.262.6423
  Myers-Claypole, Michelle, Instructor, Biological Sciences   814.262.6494
  Newman, Russell, Assistant Professor, English   814.262.6419
  Nichols, Edward, Vice President of Academic Affairs   814.262.6474
  Nitch, Mindy, Director, Student Success Center   814.262.6433
  Oswalt, Todd, Network Administrator   814.262.3858
  Patosky, Julie, Director, Blair Center   814.201.2733
  Peracchino, Craig, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Podolak, Andrew, Workforce and Continuing Education Administrative Specialist   814.262.6485
  Podolak, Robert, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Polka, Marie, Assistant Professor of Mathematics   814.471.0015
  Pribulsky, Chris, Director of Finance and Administration   814.262.3824
  Robson, Nicole, Assistant to the President's Office   814.262.3821
  Reighard, Erica, Dean of Faculty   814.262.6440
  Russell, Connie, Student Success Center Secretary   814.262.6451
  Samay, Kathleen, Title III Administrative Assistant   814.262.3845
  Schmieder, Gaynelle, Assistant Professor, Health Care Professions   814.262.6488
  Schrum, Sandy, Professor, Business Management   814.262.6416
  Seese, Danielle, Security Officer, Part Time   814.471.0016
  Sekerak, Robert, Director, Ebensburg Center   814.471.0013
  Shaffer, Robert, Staff Accountant   814.262.3852
  Shurin, Sherry, Professor, Foundations of Learning   814.262.6417
  Simko, Mark, Lead Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Sisak, Matthew, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
  Slavick, Sherri, Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences   814.262.6411
  Slifko, Joe, Professor, Business Management   814.262.6429
  Slonka, Kevin, Instructor, Computer Science   814.262.6481
  Smith, Craig, Security Officer, Part Time   814.262.6427
  Smith, Diane, Systems Analyst   814.262.3836
  Snyder, Matthew, Bursar   814.262.6438
  Soika, George, Staff Accountant   814.262.3814
  Solomon, Michael, Security Officer, Part Time   814.525.2598
  Stahl, Robert, Service Worker   814.262.6400
  Steck, Matthew, Desktop Systems Administrator   814.262.3853
  Stumpf, Michelle, Dean of Enrollment Services and Registrar   814.262.6436
  Stock, Richard, Service Worker   814.471.0010 
  Tiffany, Maria, Institutional Research Assistant   814.262.6456
  Tressler, Chelsey, Student Records Assistant   814.262.6445
  Vargo, Holly, Campus Receptionist   814.262.6400
  Walter, Hannah, Admissions Specialist   814.262.6497
  Webb, Nancy, Student Accounts Assistant   814.262.6452
  Weible, Jr., Raymond, Director of Marketing   814.262.3816
  Wojcik, Jason, Professor, History and Cultural Studies   814.262.6413
  Wojcik, Valerie, Continuing Education Manager   814.262.6441
  Wolff, William, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences and Chemistry   814.262.6479
  Zaborowski, Barbara, Dean of Learning Resources & Special Assistant to the President   814.262.6425
  Zernick, Christine, Associate Dean for Adjunct Faculty   814.262.6462
  Zimmerman, Alan, Security Officer, Part Time   814.262.6427
  Zlater, John, Web Applications Analyst   814.262.3823
  Zuccolotto, Leisa, Instructor, Computer Information & Communications Technology   814.262.6482
  Zukus, Melissa, Purchasing and Fixed Asset Coordinator   814.262.3811