Workforce Development Symposium


Date(s) - May 19, 2021
8:00 am - 10:00 am


To best serve our communities, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College will be hosting a virtual Workforce Development Symposium where we are inviting business, industry, and community leaders for a discussion on how Penn Highlands can best serve our region.

Specifically, we would like to identify:

  • Technical training opportunities that aren’t currently offered locally.
  • Soft skill training opportunities.
  • Customized short-term certificates and two-year degree programs that can quickly provide skilled labor to our businesses and industries.
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships, synergistic in nature, that can boost our overall effectiveness.

It is our hope that representatives of your organization could attend this. As a bonus, we have secured Pennsylvania’s Deputy Secretary, Sheila Ireland, as our keynote speaker.

Survey and Registration

If representatives from your organization will be attending the symposium, please click here to complete a short survey.