Liberal Arts & Sciences (A.A.)

With a basis in Liberal Arts & Sciences, you’ll be given the ability to broaden your horizons and expand your educational pursuits. You’re not going to learn the ability to perform one specific job; rather, you will be equipped with the knowledge to continue your education or enter the workforce as a well-rounded employee! You’ll learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, and pull together knowledge from many disciplines; get the skills you’ll need to be successful in any career.

Liberal Arts & Sciences is more than a collection of courses chosen at random. Rather, you will be encouraged to design your own program and pick courses that relate to a certain theme. Study what excites you, as well as take some courses that challenge you! With a large number of open electives available, students can tailor their program to their individual needs and interests.

Our Liberal Arts & Sciences degree is an Associate of Arts, meaning it is designed to be easily transferable, allowing the associate degree credits earned from Penn Highlands to be shifted to any bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution. Be confident in knowing that a degree from Penn Highlands will give you the foundation necessary to succeed!

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Program Objectives

  1. Effectively design a plan for successful transfer into the chosen four-year major and make an informed decision in order to choose a proper career path.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate and interact (both in writing and orally) with a diverse population.
  3. Apply skills to solve basic technical and mathematical problems.
  4. Demonstrate a critical appreciation for the creative process in art, music, literature, and/or language.
  • Concentrations

    Students may choose to pursue a concentration within the Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree.  Courses within a concentration are taken as part of the open elective course requirements of the degree. Successful completion will be indicated on the student transcript as a Concentration in the selected path.

    Biology Concentration

    Successful completion will be indicated on transcripts as a Concentration in Biology. Three paths are available for students to choose from: Education, Pre-Professional, or Science.

    Chemistry Concentration

    Successful completion will be indicated on transcripts as a Concentration in Chemistry. Two paths are available for students to choose from: Education or Science.

    Communication Concentration

    Successful completion will be indicated on transcripts as a Concentration in Communication. Completion of this option allows students to successfully transfer to a bachelor’s degree in communication-related fields such as communication, marketing, public relations, or media studies.

    English Concentration

    Successful completion will be indicated on transcripts as a Concentration in English. Completion of this option allows for a seamless transfer into a bachelor’s degree in English, professional writing, or other literature or humanities focused program.

  • Requirements & Course Sequence

    All course requirements and the recommended sequence of courses for this program can be found through the College’s Online Academic Catalog. Click here to access the catalog for details on our Liberal Arts & Sciences program.

  • Online Degree Option

    Penn Highlands Online offers a flexible learning opportunity that can not only fit your mobile, on-the-go lifestyle, but can be completely personalized around your schedule. Through the College’s Online Campus, you can complete a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. Please reference the following course progression chart for an idea of the coursework necessary to complete this program online.

    Fall 1 Semester (August – December)
    • ACP 100 – Academic and Career Planning
    • CIT 100 – Microcomputer Applications
    • ENG 110 – English Composition 1
    • Elective – Open
    Spring 1 Semester (January – May)
    • COM 101 – Public Speaking
    • MAT 131 – Intermediate Algebra
    • PSY 100 – General Psychology
    • Elective – Open
    Summer 1 Semester (May – August)
    • HIS 100 – US History 1
    • MAT 145 – College Algebra
    • Elective – Open
    Fall 2 Semester (August – December) 
    • ART 101 – Intro to Art History
    • BIO 104/114 – Principles of Biology/Lab
    • ENG 200 – English Composition II/Studies in Literature
    Spring 2 Semester (January – May)
    • PHI 110 – Intro to Philosophy
    • SOC 100 – Intro to Sociology
    • Elective – Open
    • Elective – Open
    Summer 2 Semester (May – August)
    • Elective – Open
    • Elective – Open
    • Elective – Open
  • Program Availability

    Liberal Arts & Sciences is available at the following locations:

Career Coach Bar per program.