Dual Enrollment (ACE)

Not sure what your future will hold? Take some dual enrollment courses at a reduced cost and prepare for whatever comes next.

Students wondering where their future might take them may enroll in dual enrollment courses. These courses help students gain college credit in a variety of general education subjects while still in high school. Students, and parents, are encouraged to work with a Penn Highlands’ advisor to help explore course offerings and to select courses that meet their goals. Advisors can help students explore how courses can be used toward the completion of a Penn Highlands’ degree program or to help determine how courses may support a four-year degree at another institution.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    • Students must complete an online application for the ACE Pathway. Applications are required for first-time students and for students who have not enrolled in Penn Highlands classes for more than one year. Once the student applies, user/login credentials will be provided for the student to access the online registration system.
    • Students must be enrolled in their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years.
    • Students must be approved by their high school guidance staff to take the course.
    • Students must meet all course prerequisites to enroll in the college course, including required coursework and/or placement requirements.
  • Dual Enrollment Costs

    Based upon 2017-18 tuition rates, courses offered in the high school are $58 per credit hour, a reduced tuition rate. Most courses are three credits with some carrying a four or five credit load. Most courses do not have any additional fees attached to the course.

    A maximum of 21 credits can be taken as part of the dual enrollment/ACE pathway.