High School Pathways

Earn college credits while in high school!

High school students have the ability to earn college credits while in high school through three distinct pathways: Penn Highlands Academy, Associate in High School, or Dual Enrollment/ACE.

Qualified high school students can take advantage of Penn Highlands’ accredited High School Pathways program. See which option is best for you below.

Penn Highlands Academy

For those wanting to take some college courses in high school and then using the credits to earn an associate’s degree in one year.

Associate in High School

For those wanting to complete a Liberal Arts & Sciences associate’s degree while completing their high school diploma.

Dual Enrollment (ACE)

For those unsure about their future, students obtain college credits in general education courses typically required for advanced degrees.

Kylee's Story

“With over 30 credits already, I wanted to attend Penn Highlands to finish earning my associate’s degree. As it would only take one year, I was able to save a ton of money.

I never understood how great of an opportunity the College offered for people of all ages and backgrounds. I once hated the idea of going to college, but after one year at Pen Highlands, I loved it.”

Kylee Doyle
Liberal Arts & Sciences Graduate

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