Accounting (A.A.S.)

Over the last year, 400+ companies in our region have posted jobs for professionals in this field. As an accountant, salaries start around $42,000 for entry-level positions. (Source: EMSI Career Coach)

Do you like to track things closely-related to numbers? Accounting, the language of business, would be the perfect choice for you! No matter how automated or technologically advanced the world becomes, the need for an accountant will always be there. Companies will require someone to interpret, analyze, gather, measure, record, and report economic and financial information; that person could be you.

Not simply bean counters, accountants analyze financial information and consult with upper management about important business decisions. Those completing this program will have demonstrated an understanding and application of accounting theory and practice and will have achieved a level of proficiency in related areas, including economics, management, marketing, IT, and business sub-disciplines.

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Accounting is designed to provide the foundation necessary for optimal transfer to bachelor degree programs in Accounting or related fields. It also simultaneously prepares students for immediate employment in a wide range of businesses requiring advanced skills and knowledge in accounting and business. This program will prepare you for whichever path you decide to take.

Graduates will have the opportunity to earn the Certified Bookkeeper designation offered through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB), This will increase the ability of graduates to showcase their skills and obtain employment.

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Program Objectives

  1. Develop, measure, analyze, validate, and communicate financial information for use in proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.
  2. Complete the entire accounting cycle, including payroll.
  3. Use automated accounting software to develop, measure, analyze, validate, and communicate financial information.

Requirements & Course Sequence

All course requirements and the recommended sequence of courses for this program can be found through the College’s Online Academic Catalog. Click here to access the catalog for details on our Accounting program.

Program Availability

Accounting is available at the following locations:

Career Coach Bar per program.