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Penn Highlands News

Photo of Dontae Lilly.

Student Profile: Dontae Lilly

Dontae Lilly had a strong military career. He was looking for a place that would accept his military and life experience as college credits. He found that and so much more at Pennsylvania Highlands. 

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Photo of Kylie Garrett.

Student Profile: Kylie Garrett

Kylie Garrett, a Board Scholar, wanted a college experience that allowed her to get to know her faculty and fellow students. She was also looking for affordable credits that would help her earn a bachelor's degree.

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Photo of Yvette Madison

College Profile: Yvette Madison

Yvette has been interacting with and teaching students at the College for over 15 years. She enjoys the close-knit culture of the College, and loves seeing students take pride in themselves and their achievements.

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Photo of Lisa Christofes.

Student Profile: Lisa Christofes

Lisa Christofes found it challenging to return to college and receive her education with a wonderful family and children, but her life experience drove her to succeed. Learn how she did that here.

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Photo of Jeff Wingard

College Profile: Jeff Wingard

Jeff has been an integral part of the College as an alumni and a Trustee. Being so involved, he understands the culture of being an adult student and the impact that the College can have.

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Image of Julia Barton

Student Profile: Julia Barton

Julia came to Pennsylvania Highlands unsure of what career she should pursue. After taking various courses and interning for a local hockey team, she found the right fit. She is now on her way to a bright future. 

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Photo of Joe Mangarella

College Profile: Joe Mangarella

Joe is a strong presence within the College. From serving on the board to having children attend, he recognizes the benefits of the College and wants to make sure the community does as well.

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Student Profile: Josh Corbett

Josh Corbett's motto has always seemed to be not to quit! After a serious car accident where Josh was on life support, in a medically induced coma for days, he never lost hope and continues to follow his dreams!

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